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 Respiratory Health & Hygiene, Improved Immune Response & Stress Management are more important ever.  Now offering One Whole Hour Session (add-on 15 more minutes) Also happy to announce: Add-On  Foot Reflexology  with Mary Lokers During your Salt Cave Experience.                        Just give us a call: 812-339-2805 for details.

Open Wednesday-Saturday
Sessions start @ 10am, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30, 4:00, 5:30.

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Gift Certificates can be mailed snail mail or purchased online. 

Why halotherapy?

Improve Your Health

Anyone can benefit from inhaling negatively charged dry salt infused air. Detoxes your lungs naturally and reduces inflammation. Stabilize immune function and heightens our resistance to respiratory aliments. Clears unwanted allergen, bacteria, pollution and mucus from respiratory tract. Minimize symptoms and balance the nervous system.

Restore Your Energy

Clearing the airway passages helps you receive more oxygen intake and breathe easier. You find yourself consciously taking deep restful breaths. Micron-sized salt particles produce negative ions that promote brain chemistry changes to improve mood, release stress, boost energy and help you get a good nights sleep. People are spending more time in front of a screen increasing exposure to positive ions. Let the Salt Cave Help!

Relax & Connect with Yourself

Our soothing salt cave surrounds you with pink Himalayan Salt and starry night ceiling, inviting you to let go and just breathe! Our dimly lit room is meditative and serene. This is a special time for you to unplug and quiet the mind while laying back and listen to the ambient instrumental music, grounding and uplifting you at the same time.

Beneficial for All Ages

We have had 4 month old babies with bronchitis to 90 year old’s with asthma in our salt cave. A 100% natural treatment with no harmful side effects. *If you are bringing a child, please call ahead so that the Salt Cave may book your session! Our sessions are dimly lit, quiet and meditative. We want children to play and not worry about being quiet.

Bloomington Salt Cave is DEDICATED to your Health and Well Being. 

*Face masks are required except during your salt cave session.

*Our reception room has 2 HEPA Filter Air Purifiers to keep the air filtered and moving. 

*We have installed a UV-C germicidal light to sanitize cave between sessions

*Appointments are spaced 45 minutes in between the next session giving us time to clean, evacuate the air from the last session and bring in fresh new clean air.

*New Feature!  You can add on 15 more minutes giving you a whole hour instead of 45 minutes for only extra $5 a person.  You can now also add on children. $5 for babies-age 12, $12.50 for ages 13-15, $25 16 on up.

*Consider Having Foot Reflexology during your Salt Cave Session!  Certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers is available for appointments for one to 4 people at a time!  Just give us a call to set it up.  For Spa services or events, customers will not be able to use any promotional discounts.  Here is the cost:

45 min. one person $25 S.C. + $35 F. R. 

60  min. One person  $30 S. C + $45 F. R.

45 min Two people $25 S. C. + $20 F. R. (22.5 min each)  per person

60 min. Two people $30 S. C. + $20 F. R. (30 min. each) per person

*  If you are one person, you might have 1 other person in the cave during your session seated 12 feet apart. If you are a couple, it will only be you 2.  If you have 3-4  people in your group, we can seat you 6 feet apart. 

*We can only accommodate up to 4 people maximum at this time of COVID. If you have children, there can be more than 4.

 * New to the BSC?  Now offering a First Time Introductory Price of $18.  Give Halotherapy a try!  Must call to book this offer and can be used only once, and not offered if you add-on  foot reflexology or any events.

*Let us book a Private Shopping session for your group!

*We are offering Curb Side Pickup for our unique merchandise!

*Any Questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask


5 stars reviews

Shared experiences…

Such a wonderful place of healing and happiness! I feel so blessed to have this community resource here in Bloomington. Thank you Laura and Chris for making it happen.
Barbara X
I have fallen in love with this place! The owners make it a very comfortable and an all around pleasant experience every visit! I truly feel relaxed and refreshed for days after a session!
Incredible experience.... Calming and inspiring. my husband and I loved holding hands and relaxing, while getting all the benefits of this powerfully healing salt cave. The lights in the ceiling looked like stars.

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