Dry salt therapy

Dry salt therapy is a proactive way for us to achieve overall wellness and health. Clean your respiratory system of everyday allergens.  Breathe the negative ion rich salt infused air. Our philosophy has always been, try the gentle alternative practices first! Often times, drug-free holistic remedies have helped us manage our ailments. 

Our Story

Our daughter suggested visiting a North Carolina salt cave. For the year marking the passing of Laura’s father, we decided to go to the salt cave to celebrate his life, he would have loved the idea of a salt cave for natural healing.

We experienced deep relaxation and uplifted spirits, an excellent night’s sleep, and no one snored that night! We knew about the sense of well being negative ions can give you, but not about the benefits of dry salt therapy. The salt cave was so inspiring and intriguing we did research and found out eastern Europeans have been using dry salt therapy since the Wieliczka Salt mine opened in 1839 as the first health resort facility. There are now therapeutic salt caves all over the world.

We wanted to bring the wonderful experience of a salt cave to the Bloomington community and its visitors. We built the cave in order to enhance the mental and physical health and well being for people of all ages.  And to offer an intimate and authentic environment to un-plug form the every day stresses and come back to yourself.  This is a small “Mom and Pop” shop.  There is no corporate aftertaste! 

Bloomington Salt Cave

So come and visit the Bloomington Salt Cave, be embraced by the warm inviting glow of salt walls and floor. Relax, unwind, breathe deep and experience the many benefits of Halotherapy, and all that a negative ion rich microclimate has to offer.

We are honored to serve and support you and our community in health and wellness.

Laura and Chris

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 115 N. Madison St. Suite B1
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