Laura Chaiken

Origin Story

I have shared with many of you how we came to build a Salt Cave in Bloomington.  Story goes:  a year had gone by after my Father’s passing, I had an epiphany to grab our daughter and go the Ashville salt cave and think about my dad as a celebration of life. He loved alternative […]

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Gong Bath Meditation

Join Mervyn for a Gong Bath with Kundalini breathing and guided mediation.  Breathe the negatively charged salt infused air and sink into the pink Himalayan Salt Floor.  Space is limited.  Go to our scheduling page to book your spot on December 3rd, January 7th at 4pm and  5:30pm, February 4 at 5:30, March 4 at

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Our Small But Might Shop

Warmth & Glow creates Functional Beauty Heated Massage Stones Abundance Bowl Crystal Salt Lamp Diffuser Salt Detox Hand and Foot Dome For your Body Bath Bombs Hand & Foot Balms Sexy Beachy Waves For Your Mind Etched Lepidolite Worry Stone Crystal Singing Bowl Event Embroidered Meditation Pillows Thank You for your support of shopping small

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November is Family Time!

Where else can you get a family, chosen family, work family together (up to 6 or so) have fun and improve your overall health?  At the Bloomington Salt Cave!  Workplace wellness and families wellness are super important as we go into winter.  Get some bonding time and breathe the salt infused air.  The negative ions

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August news

That extra 15 minutes giving you a whole hour in the salt cave really feels good!  Come in with  set intentions to get the most out of your visit.  Time to try laying on  or playing in the salt floor.  I love to draw in the floor, making images or patterns is very grounding.  Maybe

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June News!

Wonderful news!   As many of you know, my Daughter is getting married first part of June.  We are so excited! BSC will be closed June 5th to June 14th and will reopen June 15.  I will be looking forward to re-opening June 15 and seeing all of our old and new friends and customers. June

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