How does it work?

Halotherapy uses a generator that  grinds heated  pure grade sodium chloride into very tiny micro-particles.  A fine aerosol mist is dispersed into the salt cave during your 45 minute session. Dry salt is super absorbent. Because the microscopic salt particles get deep into the respiratory system as well as into the skin, the dry salt reduces inflammation, absorbs all excess mucous, allergens and foreign elements in the respiratory system, opens constricted airways and kills the spreading of bacteria and viruses. The walls and floor of the cave are covered in pink Himalayan salt. When back lit and heated, they release negative ions which are beneficial to your health. Negative ions are found in natural environments such as near the ocean, waterfalls and deep in the forest. Negative ions give you a sense of well, help relieve stress, tension and reduce depression.

What do I wear for a session?

Wear comfortable clothing. You will lay back on an anti gravity lounger or if you prefer, laying on a yoga blanket on the salt floor. Shoes are removed. Please wear clean socks, or you can be bear footed.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Salt therapy and pregnancy is a safe and beneficial combination! Naturally Relieving stress, tension, respiratory and skin conditions while simply relaxing in our salt therapy cave.

Is it safe for children?

It is a 100% natural, drug-free non-invasive wellness treatment. There are no potentially harmful side effects, and suitable for children of any age as young as 1 month old. children respond to the therapy even more quickly than do adults. during a salt therapy, session children play with toys, read books and interact with other children, check special day times for children and families on news and events page.

  • 1-12 year old $5 each
  • 13-15 year old $12.50  
  • 16 year and up $25 each.  

Consider renting the whole cave with your family!  We don’t have specific hours for children, so please call so we might find a time best for you and us.  We will have a reader reading children’s books, check out days and time under news and events tab.

What about germs?

Salt naturally absorbs bacteria. The walls and floor are covered in salt which creates an almost sterile anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial environment. In addition, our ventilation system works throughout the day  to circulate the air in the room, exhausting used air out and clean fresh air in between each session.  There is no recycling of air back into the salt cave.  We use a UV-C germicidal light sanitizer in between sessions as well.  Chairs, toys etc are wiped down and blankets washed  frequently.

Are there any side effects?

Infrequent side effects such as a mild tickle in the throat or an increase in a cough due to an excess mucus buildup which is an indication the therapy is working. Other effects might be a slight skin irritation for those with hypersensitive skin.

How often should I do salt therapy, or how many sessions will I need?

Like many wellness and health regiments, people respond differently. many people will notice a positive effect just in one session. some people come 2-3 times a week for a 3-4 week ritual during allergy and cold seasons, some people come 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks for more chronic conditions. Those who come for general wellness, stress relief, and relaxation simply come as often as they like.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Please come 10 minutes before your appointment for check-in. Please do not book an appointment during any contagious illnesses accompanied by a fever, coughing, headache, lose of smell or taste, stomach ache or any other COVID-19 symptoms,  tuberculosis, or under alcohol drug intoxication.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please call us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment by calling 812-339-2805 or email us at bloomingtonsaltcave@gmail.com   

We set aside your scheduled date and time just for you!  
We know things come up, please have the courtesy to let us know.  
We will not be able to refund No Call No Shows.

Are food and drinks allowed during the session?


What do I do during a salt therapy session?

  • Some People feel very relaxed, get deep rest and even fall asleep!  
  • Some people feel energized and want to play in the salt floor, do yoga, walk around.
  • Some people bring books or write in their journals.
  • The lights will dim and you sit or lay back in a zero gravity chair or lay on a yoga blanket on the salt floor.
  • Relax and breath.
  • Meditative music plays to soothe your soul and mind (you can even request your own music!)
  • You may meditate, look up at fiber optic soft twinkle lights, follow your breath by breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  • Children get to play with toys, puzzles or read books with the lights on, and need to book separately from regular sessions by calling salt cave.   
  • “Rent the Whole Cave” for your friends and family up to 4 people.

Are walk-ins welcome?

Sorry, No Walk-in’s at this time, please book online or give us a call to book for you.



We have 45 minutes in between sessions to use our UV-C germicidal light sterilizer, and deep clean before the next session.  If you book for one person, their may be one other person in cave with you.  If there are 2 of you, it will just be you 2 in the cave.  Same for 3-4 people, just your group. Each person is $25.

All sessions have 45 minutes in between for UV-C light sterilization,  fresh air exchange and deep cleaning.   

Wednesday- Saturday, first session starts at 10am, last session is at 5:30pm.   



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