August news

That extra 15 minutes giving you a whole hour in the salt cave really feels good!  Come in with  set intentions to get the most out of your visit.  Time to try laying on  or playing in the salt floor.  I love to draw in the floor, making images or patterns is very grounding.  Maybe […]

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June News!

Wonderful news!   As many of you know, my Daughter is getting married first part of June.  We are so excited! BSC will be closed June 5th to June 14th and will reopen June 15.  I will be looking forward to re-opening June 15 and seeing all of our old and new friends and customers. June

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Lovely Month of May

Happy Mothers Day! I get to meet so many wonderful Mothers of all ages at the Salt Cave, here’s to YOU! I am pleased to announce Our Offerings to take you into Deeper Healing.  While you are breathing the negatively ion charged salt infused air for respiratory health and hygiene, here are some other health

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Thinking of Spring

Peace to all as we step into spring.  We are here for you during these uncertain times.  Very happy to announce 2 events this month: 3/11 @ 5:15 Join Christan Turmail for Yoga Nidra $35 3/30 @ 5:30 join Janiece Jaffe with her healing crystal singing bowls.  Bathe yourself in relaxing healing tones.  $40 Book

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Beautiful Mother and Daughter enjoyed making  Salt Art!  Photographed by them during their salt cave session.  How I love to open the salt cave doors and see that my customers have benefited by being here.  I open the doors to people just waking up, still in deep relaxation mode. People are on the pink Himalayan

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January 2022

Positive Affirmations make a difference! I need reminders.  Positive Affirmations are a great tool to improve my mindset especially during the ongoing  challenges the whole world faces.  Here are a few I would like to share with you. *I am open to what is possible.  *Everyday is another opportunity to grow, improve, and spread kindness. 

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