June News

  What made me purchase 5 tons of  pink Himalayan Salt?  That is what my friends and family asked me and here is why! I didn’t know what to expect for my first experience at a Salt Cave.  I had an epiphany to celebrate the life of my Father, who had passed a year previous, […]

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February Resilient!

Resilient!  Such a great word, such a great practice.  Just look at this picture, a flower growing out from under and around rocks in a creek bed.  When I spotted this, I just had to take the picture to remind myself that everything is connected and strives to do its best.  Challenges lead us to

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Happy & Healthy 2021!

Our number one job this year?  Take care of ourselves, our loved ones and the people we meet.  So grateful for customers who share their lives with me.  When we talk about what our truths are, everyone benefits from our collective experiences.  Some of you have had COVID-19 including myself, my husband (in April during

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December Light & Love

Time to take comfort from our family, friends, animal and plant allies as winter is upon us.  Positive affirmations help us connect and resonate the light and love that surround us.  In Latin, affirmare means “to make steady, strengthen.”  This is a Magnet for any metal surface we have several designs that radiate love and

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November Newsletter

What a beautiful Autumn!  The colors, sights and smells are good for the soul.  You can bring home the  glow of this season with a Himalayan Salt lamp.  Amber colors have a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind.  Radiates love, kindness and peace. We have other merchandise that allow you to bring

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