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45 Minutes sessions that will make you feel renewed

Why halotherapy is good for you?

Improve Your Health

Anyone interested in increasing immune function, resistance to disease, clearing unwanted particles from respiratory tract, balancing nervous system function, or just in search of a healthy lifestyle can benefit from a 45 minute session inhaling the dry salt air.

Restore Your Energy

Clearing the airway passages helps you receive more oxygen intake. You find yourself consciously breathing and taking deep restful breaths. Salt produces negative ions that promote brain chemistry changes to improve mood, release stress, boost energy and help you get a good nights sleep.

Relax & Connect with Yourself

The soothing atmosphere surrounds you with pink Himalayan Salt and starry night ceiling inviting you to let go and just breathe! Our dimly lit room is meditative and serene. This is a special time for you to unplug and quiet the mind while laying back and listen to the ambient instrumental music, grounding and uplifting you at the same time.

Beneficial for All Ages

We have had 4 month old babies with bronchitis to 90 year old’s with asthma in our salt cave. A 100% natural treatment with no harmful side effects, Salt therapy helps clear mucus, make breathing easier, and minimize symptoms. We can all use a natural way to improve overall health and general wellbeing.

Bloomington Salt Cave

Bloomington Salt Cave is dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Remember being by the Ocean? We take a deep breath, it’s a reflex. Our bodies know what our minds need to be remined of- breathing tiny particles of salt suspended in the air feels good and can provide broad health benefits.

One 45 minute Halotherapy session in our beautiful and tranquil Salt Cave will have you feeling relaxed and grounded as well as boost immune system, clean your reispatory system, improve lung function, reduce inflammation and provide much needed self care time!

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The gift of relaxation and healing.

The gift of relaxation and healing.