Children are welcome!!


Children 9 to 15  years of age and older who can sit for 45 minutes in a darkened quiet cave ($5) each child  with their Adult ($25) can book a session during regular hours.

Children 9 and under please call to schedule a time.  Right now, there is not much interest for us to put time aside for a Kids Play.   Must be accompanied with an adult.($25) child $5


Halotherapy is a 100% natural, drug free treatment.  Children respond even more quickly than do adults!  With the cold and flu season upon us, its good to know there is  a dry salt areole filled room which allows us to breathe in the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties deep into our airway passages, opening them up and relieving the irritation of sticky mucus secretions and debris.

Give you and your child’s  immune system a chance to get back on track while increasing resistance to new infections in the future.

Rent the whole cave for $100.  will fit up to 4 Adults and 6 children.  Children wont be able to run around but can play on salt floor, and bring their favorite toys.