March News and Events

Spring’s around the corner…Yay! Nature will provide us with some lovely negative ions to breathe. Nature produces these when water molecules collide, like during a thunderstorm. At Bloomington Salt Cave we produce negative ions artificially with the Halogenerator that crushes and blows pure sodium chloride into the air of the cave. During the Halotherapy session, we breathe this in, increasing oxygen flow to the brain and protects you against germ and allergens, opens up airway passages and relieves breathing irritations.


3/14 AND 3/22 Intuitive Medium Group Readings with Emily Sullivan. Emily is able to assist you in giving messages that loved ones from the other side want you to hear. She may receive specific words, phrases, names, symbols, and other definitive information to help you in this healing modality. 6-7pm $35

3/15 Musical Meditation: Experience the healing power of vibration through guided meditation and a variety of unique and beautiful instruments. Aaron Pollitt will be playing the Chinese Zither, Tibetan Bells, Bamboo Flute, Ocean Drum, Singing Bowls and more, to create a serene soundscape for you to enjoy. 6-7pm $35

3/16 Cathartic Breathwork with Becky Lamb. Enables people to access the emotional-level memory, deeply buried experiences. The feeling of these emotions, not analyzing mental-level memories, result in deep healing and change relatively quickly. 6-7:30 $40

3/17 Sound Healing Journey with Molly Adkins. For thousands of years, ancient masters, sages, priests and yogis have used sound for its healing benefits and for spiritual development. Join Molly on this journey and experience the healing sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning and the buffalo drum. Allow the sounds carry you to a state of deep relaxation, where both cellular and emotional healing can occur. 6-7pm $35

3/18 AND 3/26 NEW FOR CHILDREN! Story Time in the Salt Cave with Christina Tanier-Gesner. Children and their chaperones will receive a full 45 minute session of Halotherapy while hearing fun stories and being guided in relaxing deep breathing exercises. 3-3:45pm Adult $25 Child $5

3/18 AND 3/24 Journey with Tiger’s Eye: A Guided Meditation with Lois Silverman. For March, come journey with the Spirit of Tiger’s Eye, a stone for vision and action. See through the Mind’s jungle to the Heart’s desire, and clear your new path forward! Program lasts 90 minutes and participants will each receive a small tigers eye stone to keep. 6-7:30pm $40

3/23 Didgeridoo Meditation with Adam Riviere. Join Adam for a special evening! Allow the vibration of 7 specifically chakra-tuned didgeridoos to resonate through your body, mind and spirit. you will be laying down, completely relaxed and guided through a meditative process. You will leave feeling grounded, expanded and peaceful. Participants will be guided to focus on each of the chakras as they come into corresponding meditation to heighten their awareness of the energy center and promote clearing and connection with the energetic body. 6-7pm $35

3/25 Water and Physiology with Joel Jacobson, nutrition and performance investigator and educator. While enjoying the relaxing effects of the salt cave, learn the Science on how Dehydration Impacts Performance and Obtain knowledge and logic on how to strategically recover or prevent disease using Minerals. 6-6:45pm $35

3/27 Acupuncture and Guided Meditation with Leah Craig of Roots of Healing Acupuncture and Annie Buechlein’s deeply relaxing guided meditation. 3 Health modalities in one night! Leah will provide gentle overall wellness acupuncture, great for people to experience acupuncture for the first time. 6-7:30pm $45

Foot Reflexology By Appointment Only with Mary Lokers. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot. Benefits of therapeutic foot reflexology include promoting balance and normalization of the body naturally, improving circulation and delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells and reducing stress facilitating relaxation. $25 plus $1 a minute for foot reflexology