July News and Events


We are delighted to have some new Event at the Salt Cave:   Dr Alisha Jones Salt and Light Event, Emily Tally Salty Yoga and Breathwork and Yoga Nidra with Sharon McGuire.  And of course The wonderful sound healing and guided meditation!  All Events include Halotherapy.  Space is limited, please call 812-339-2805 to pre-register

7/6   Sound Healing Journey with Molly Adkins.
For thousands of years, ancient masters, sages, priests and yogis have used sound for its healing benefits and for spiritual development. Join on this journey and experience the healing sounds of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Vocal Toning ad the Buffalo Drum. Allow the sound to carry you to a state of deep relaxation, with both cellular and emotional healing can occur. 6-7pm $35

7/7 Salt and Light Event
Join Christian Spiritual Faith Leader, Musician, and Ethnomusicologist Rev. Dr. Alisha L. Jones for her intimate Salt and Light event at the BSC.
Based upon Matthew 5:13-16, Dr. Jones will be combining the resources found in deep breathing, aromatherapy, vocalization, biblical scripture contemplation, and Halotherapy to facilitate deep healing for the mind, body, and soul. Come and recharge with us. 6-7pm $35

7/8   Intuitive Medium Group Readings with Emily Sullivan 6-7pm $35
Emily will assist you in giving messages that loved ones form the other side want you to hear. She may receive words, phrases, names, symbols, and other definitive information to help you in this therapeutic and healing modality. 6-7pm $35

7/10 Salty Yoga & Breathwork with Emily Tally
Rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit through gentle stretches, conscious breathing & Halotherapy. This practice is designed to leave you feeling clam and refreshed. No previous Yoga experience necessary. 6-7pm $35

7/18 Mercury Retrograde Meditation and Reiki with Annie Buechlein.  Join Reiki Master Teacher/yoga teacher Annie for a magical evening in the BSC.  Enjoy halotherapy session in the cave while you are guided through a relaxing meditation to help you navigate your way through Mercury Retrograde.  Annie will also do short reiki sessions on each participant to balance the energy field and ground and protect.  Essential oils, singing bowls and other delights will also be included in the healing session. 6-7pm $35

7/20 Women’s Night Out!
Bring your women friends and ZEN OUT in the Salt Cave. Relax and breathe the salt infused air, bury your feet in the pink Himalayan Salt pebble beachy floor. After your 45 minute session, enjoy Wine and Cheese in the reception room. 6-7pm $25

7/21 Yoga Nidra with Sharon McGuire
Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep-based Guided Meditation bringing the body into a deep state on non-doing to help you sleep better, neutralize excess stress, and restores profound sense of peace and relaxation. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit while enjoying Halotherapy in the unique setting of the Bloomington Salt Cave. This practice is available to all abilities. 3-3:34pm $35

7/25  Musical Meditation with Aaron Pollitt.
Experience the healing power of vibration through guided meditation and a variety of unique and beautiful instruments. Aaron will be playing the Chinese Zither, Tibetan Bells, Bamboo Flute, Ocean Drum, Singing Bowls and more to create a serene soundscape for you to enjoy. 6-7pm $35

7/26 Therapeutic Massage & Foot Reflexology with Mary Lokers and Rachelle Hope.
Special offering of 2 health modalities in the Salt cave. Couples receive 20% off of of massage and foot reflexology plus $25 per person for Halotherapy. Singles receive 10% off plus $25 Halotheapy. Call to book your appointment and for any questions!