Happy New Year! Here is wishing you peace, love and hope!

Deepen your Halotherapy by taking the time for these Healthful modalities created by wonderful Practitioners:

1/11    Salt Cave Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation with Adam Riviere.
Allow the vibrations of 7 specifically chakra-tuned didgeridoos to resonate through your body, mind and spirit. You will be laying down completely relaxed and guided through a meditative process. You will leave feeling grounded, expanded and peaceful. Participants will be guided to focus on each of the chakras as they come into the corresponding meditation to heighten their awareness of the energy center and promote clearing and connection with the energetic body. Adam has studied music for over 28 years, and for the last 15 years, has independently studied the effect of sound to the human body, mind and spirit using didgeridoo as the instrument of sound healing, spiritual/chakra cleansing and balance. 6-7pm $40

1/15   Join Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master Teacher Annie Buechlein for a rejuvenating evening in the Bloomington Salt Cave. Relax and enjoy a Halotherapy session while Annie guides you through a meditation to help you recover from the Holiday Blues. She will be offering optional Reiki energy work to the participants of this session. Get your New Year off to a fresh start with this special event. Please call 812-339-2805 to register, space is limited.
6-6:45 $35

1/16 AND 1/23      Tai Chi-Like Chi Gong with Certified instructor Elisa Pokral.
An Integration of slow moving physical postures (a moving meditation), breath, and intention. This is an easy, powerful exercise that covers major energy pathways in the body but does not change direction like Tai Chi. It’s best for those who desire an easier, quick technique and/or have some physical limitations. Like Tai Chi, Chi Gong circulates energy throughout the body, unblocks stagnant energy, and restores energy in the body’s system. This practice helps you live consciously, more joyfully, and empowered. Combine the exercise with the benefits of dry salt inhalation and you will be amazed at how you feel!
Elisa has taught in Bloomington since 2001 and in Utah. Pokral brings the Old Northern Yang Long form of Tai Chi to Indiana from the Western US
Through scaredheights.com she encourages others to “own the power that is you,” to cultivate your energy in health, vitality and clarity, “in order to live a soul-filled life—the life just right for you. “As I have evolved, so have my services.” 6-7:00pm $25

1/18     Couples Night Out! Treat your self and your loved one by coming to the Bloomington Salt Cave                      You will be surrounded by 250 million year old Pink Himalayan Salt. Good vibrations and grounding frequency along with ambient instrumental music will put you into a deeply relaxing state.
Wine, Cheese, Fruit will be waiting for you in the reception room after your 45 minute Halotherapy session, no extra cost! 6-6:45pm $25

1/19  Sound Healing Journey with Molly Adkins.
For thousands of years, ancient masters, sages, priests and yogis have used sound for its healing benefits and for spiritual development. Join on this journey and experience the healing sounds of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Vocal Toning and the Buffalo Drum. Allow the sound to carry you to a state of deep relaxation, with both cellular and emotional healing can occur. 6-7pm $35


1/20  SPA DAY!       Join Rachelle Hope for a Table Massage and Mary Lokers for Foot Reflexology, and enjoy Halotherapy in the Salt Cave! Perfect for 2 people. Do 25 minutes of each and then switch. That is 3 Health modalities in one session for just the 2 of you. Receive 10% off $1 a minute for massage and foot reflexology plus $25 each for Halotherapy. Call 812-339-2805 to book your session, or if you have any question. Starts at the top of the hour 10am to 6pm

1/25   Sitar Serenade with Miklos Sanrtorini. 6-7pm $30 Join us for a special night of Raga inspired Sitar Music! Raga’s Bhairavi and Janpuri will be featured in their minimalist glory for your senses to enjoy. Acoustics are great in the salt cave! Let Miklos send you into a deep relaxation and mind expansion in this blissful musical mediation. Call 812-339-2805 to reserve your spot!

1/26         Intuitive Medium Therapeutic Group Readings with Emily Sullivan
Emily will assist you in giving messages that loved ones from the other side want you to hear. She may receive words, phrases, names, symbols, and other definitive information to help you in this therapeutic and healing modality. 6-7pm $35 call 812-339-2805 to reserve!