August Already?!

As we walk down this road together and try to remain as flexible  and positive as possible, the BSC is here to Soothe and Enhance your Health and Spirit!

We are still here to help with allergy and sinus relief, provide a meditative and grounding experience, improve lung function, all in a heart centered environment.   Summer hours are Wednesday through Saturday. Sessions are 10, 11:30, 1, 2:30, 4, 5:30.  This gives us more time to fully evacuate the salty air from the last session, bring in fresh air, clean and disinfect. PRO TIP: If you or if you live with someone with compromised health, Wednesday at 10am is the best time to come for a session!  Wanted to make an appointment when we are closed?  Just give a call!  We want to serve YOU

Loving Salt Stones for BUG BITE RELIEF, get wet with water and rub on bug bite. This works great and helps with the healing process!