November Newsletter

What a beautiful Autumn!  The colors, sights and smells are good for the soul.  You can bring home the  glow of this season with a Himalayan Salt lamp.  Amber colors have a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind.  Radiates love, kindness and peace. We have other merchandise that allow you to bring a piece of the BSC home: Pharma grade salt we use for sessions stuffed into hot/cold therapeutic salt pillows.  These are fantastic! And those pink Himalayan Salt Massage Stones, warm radiant heat!

Consider a appointment to “Shop with your POD” Bring your shopping buddies and have the whole room to yourselves, take your time and really look over our gift options.  Call and we will set up a date and time.  We are also offering CURBSIDE pickup to those who want that too.  We will be glad to text or email you pictures and prices.  Below are a few of our gift items!

BSC is still open for sessions, people are bringing loved ones to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or to come themselves to breathe the salt air and let go.  Please don’t hesitate to ask me about our covid policies and procedures.  We just installed a UV-C germicidal light for between sessions.  I totally respect anyone’s decision to come in for a session.

A great way to support us is to shop with us this holiday season. Gift certificates can be purchased online!