June News

  What made me purchase 5 tons of  pink Himalayan Salt?  That is what my friends and family asked me and here is why!

I didn’t know what to expect for my first experience at a Salt Cave.  I had an epiphany to celebrate the life of my Father, who had passed a year previous, by booking a session to a Salt Cave.   Being immersed in a meditative and  beautiful pink tranquil glow and think of him sounded like just what I needed.  I went initially for this reason and so glad I did.  I felt the  connection I had with him which expanded  into a profound sense of deep gratitude and  connection in the world.

Salt is considered a protective and cleansing agent both physically, metaphysically and spiritually for millennia cross culturally around the world. 

  At the time, I did not know the other benefits of Halotherapy, so proceeded to educate myself.  What I found was the multiple effects of Dry Salt Therapy work to cleanse the respiratory system and speed up the elimination of toxins in the body and the reduction of inflammation due to the natural properties of the inhaled salt particles.   

Russia has been using Halotherapy in their Hospitals for Asthma, COPD, Allergies for the last 50 years and is recognized as a certified treatment by the Russian Ministry of Health.

What I also found out was that a lot of Salt Cave Businesses started because Children in their own families had bad allergies and Halotherapy really helped.  Or the owners had asthma and allergies themselves.

  I get asked frequently “do you go in there for sessions?”  YES I DO.  I get relief from allergies and stress.  I am surrounded by a Pink Himalayan Salt filled room, breathe in the salt infused air and feel grounded with a deep sense of overall wellness.  I  do Qigong and Breathwork,  make swirls and hearts in the salt floor,  listen to healing solfeggio frequencies,  Lizzo, John & Yoko, Mantras,  Guided Meditations.  I do some of my best thinking in the Salt Cave

Molly Adkins is LIVE IN PERSON for her  SOUND HEALING JOURNEY starting July 24 every third Saturday of the month at 5:30.  Stay tuned for Yin Yoga and other live Events coming soon!

So Why did I build a Salt Cave?  Because Chris and I loved our salt cave experience so much we wanted to open one in Bloomington.  Chris researched how to build it and did a beautiful job.  At the time, I didn’t anticipate meeting and getting to know the wonderful people that come through our door. 

So grateful for this unique opportunity to serve our community and in so doing, serve my own health and happiness!  Thank You for making this dream come true and for your continued support.  Much health and happiness to your and yours ~ Laura