Beautiful Mother and Daughter enjoyed making  Salt Art!  Photographed by them during their salt cave session.  How I love to open the salt cave doors and see that my customers have benefited by being here. 

I open the doors to people just waking up, still in deep relaxation mode. People are on the pink Himalayan salt floor playing in the salt, drawing designs, burying their feet, reading the Herbal Healing Deck, Yoga.  All these things make my HEART SING! 

My salt cave is your salt cave. Come in and relax.  Get Creative, do some Journaling,  play the Singing Bowl and Rain Stick, enjoy each others company and Let go of the Every Day World.  All this plus improve lung function, cleanse your respiratory system, give your body and mind a rest.

Breathe Better, Ground, Detox, Get Salty and come back to Yourself.  Children are always welcome. 

WE ARE NOW OPEN ON SUNDAYS starting 2/20/22! You can book online at bloomingtonsaltcave.com or call 812-339-2805

Quote from a repeat customer: “We had a wonderful time, very relaxing.  It was nice walking through the sand like the beach.  I felt grounded and balanced, also felt sinus pressure release.  I  slept very well that night and when I awoke in the morning, I did not have any joint pain or any soreness, I felt amazing.  Thank you, I will be back.” ~Teena Massage Therapist.

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A word about capacity during this time of COVID.   We can accommodate up to 6 people from your group. You will always be with the people you know from 2 people up to 6.  For one person, you might have one other person you don’t know in the cave with you.