Introducing the portable 10 minute session

Spring weather with its variations of temperature, sunny, cloudy, windy, rain sure feels like a roller coaster ride!   This effects our mood and emotions. Happy it is so warm out but at the same time it feels discordant that this should be so this early in the spring. Time to ground and center yourself at the BSC.  Keep the whirlwind at bay.  Have a session with us.  Ground your feet in the pink Himalayan salt floor.  Surround yourself in salt.  Breathe the salt infused air.    Get back in touch with yourself .  Stand like a tree, do yoga, OM, play the singing bowl, meditate, rest.  There are a lot of allergens floating around too!  Keep your respiratory system cleaned and drained with Halotherapy. 

 Gong Bath Meditation has a few spots left for March 4 @ 4pm and April 1 @ 4pm and 5:30.  Book online or give us a call! 

Our add on services are also available by appointment only and need to be arranged by calling 812-339-2805. 

We offer:   *Foot Reflexology   *  Sound bath   *Guided Meditation   *Oracle Card Reading   *Massage.

Wine and Cheese is also available, you just need to call to make sure we are ready to serve you in our reception room.

  PRO TIP: Book one of these services and have wine and cheese before or after your session, its a great treat! Call or email with any questions.