Offerings for September

  Healing Community Events you can book online on our website or call 812-339-2805 to reserve your spot.  All include Halotherapy except Tea and Tarot.

Gong Bath with Mervyn Alphonse Kundalini Master and Sound Therapist

September 2 at 5:30pm  $40 one hour.

Crystal Singing Bowls with Susan Browning Sound Therapist

September 10  AND  October 8 at 4pm $40 one hour

New Products! 

Mineral Mask.   Awesome for drawing out impurities and replacing with minerals.  Just used this for chigger bites, they don’t itch anymore and feel so much better!

Toothpaste tablets, just crunch, brush and spit!  Nice foaming action, makes your teeth feel clean all day.  No messy tubes, so great for travelling/camping.

Pink Himalayan Toothbrush holder plus Bamboo Toothbrush. Ditch the plastic!  Feel confidant in putting the bristles upside down in the salt holder.  Salt is anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal and will keep toothbrush clean between brushing.

Ongoing offerings: Must be booked by calling 812-339-2805 for scheduling!

Massage with Dru Presti, certified Masseuse.  Dru offers head and neck, shoulders to hands and knee to foot massages while your seated in the zero gravity chair during your salt cave session.

Foot Reflexology with certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers in the zero gravity chair during your salt cave session. 

Massage PLUS Foot Reflexology for 2 people at the same time!  Mary and Dru team up and offer their deep healing.

Oracle Card Reading with Allison or Sami from Pellucidity in Life.