It’s been 6 Years!

 BSC has been open since 2017.  Time has flown by!  I love Halotherapy more than ever.  Years of learning about all the benefits and how to communicate them to the public have been challenging.  Respiratory health, stress reduction, meditative and grounding, great for skin conditions, mental health boost, immune system boost… the list does go on. 

Everyone experiences being in the cave differently.  Some people are sleeping when I open the doors at the end of a session, or are so relaxed they feel like they just had a massage.  Some people are energized, playing in the salt floor, uplifted, rejuvenated, ready to take on the world again.  Lots of feedback about how soft their skin feels.  Some people get sinus drainage, can breathe better, feel better for a whole week.

 I just got back from the Salt Therapy Association’s conference and purchased a pop up one person tent designed to give one person a 10 minute Haotherapy session that equals a 45 minute session in the salt cave.  The small but mighty generator creates a very fine salt aerosol, to penetrate the sinuses and lungs quicker.  I am in awe at how well this 10 minute session works.  Really helped knock out lingering cold symptoms in only 2, 10 minute sessions.

The Pop up Halotherapy self contained booth will be available to Businesses, Schools, Organizations, Events etc.  who want to cultivate health and wellness to their staff, family and friends.  We can set up in a break room, just need an outlet.  With cold and flu season upon us, this is a great help.  We are also offering home service for your family.  Just contact Laura 812-339-2805 for details.  Also, look for us at wellness fairs and indoor events so you may try it yourself.  We will be at Paragon Wellness Center’s “Women, Wine & Cheese Event November 4th!


  Healing Community Events you can book online on our website or call 812-339-2805 to reserve your spot.  All include Halotherapy except Tea and Tarot

Crystal Singing Bowls with Susan Browning Sound Therapist October 8th @ 4pm

Tea and Tarot  October 12 4:30-6pm.  Tickets can be purchased

Ongoing offerings: Must be booked by calling 812-339-2805 for scheduling!

Massage with Dru Presti, certified Masseuse.  Dru offers head and neck, shoulders to hands and knee to foot massages while your seated in the zero gravity chair during your salt cave session.

Foot Reflexology with certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers in the zero gravity chair during your salt cave session. 

Massage PLUS Foot Reflexology for 2 people at the same time!  Mary and Dru team up and offer their deep healing during your Halotherapy session.