December Deeping

Get Deep before the New Year.  Set some intention and focus on you so you can fill up your cup!  BSC wants to help you with your respiratory and skin Health along side mental and spiritual Wellbeing.  I always feel like I have more energy to give to the people places and things that need my attention when I have taken care of myself. We hope you will join us for one or more of these wonderful events!  May your cup overfill during this magical season!

Please keep in mind Gift Card Giving for the Holidays!  We have extended the Holiday special of  6 sessions for the cost of 4 $100.  That is $50 savings for you to give 6 sessions to staff, co-workers,  health professionals, families, loved ones, the neighbors, teachers, favorite masseuse, hair stylist, waiter, mailperson etc a mental and physical helath & wellness experience they can do together or by themselves. This special will be going until 12/24! That is the purchase by date.  There is no expiration date to use them!  If you use a credit card, that’s ok! cost is $105. Not valid to use for Events or add on’s with practicioners.

Healing Crystal Singing Bowls sound bath with Susan Browning FULL

Tea and Tarot December 7 4:30-6:30.  Walk ins are welcome or Book your spot by going to this link:  $45 per person.

Gong Bath Sound Healing with Kundalini Breathwork with Mervyn Alphonse December 30 @5:30.  Book online or call 812-339-2805. $45 per person. 

Metta-Meditation Workshop with Emily Tally.   December 3 @ 4-5:15pm $50 per person. Make your own meditation beads, go in cave for gentle yoga & breathwork, breathe the salt air.  No experience required.  Book online or call. 2 spots left!

Meet Your Healing Guide: A Sacred Group Hypnosis with Dr. Heather Schwartz.  December 14 5:30-6:30.  Have you been wanting to connect more deeply with your intuition?  Having a connection with your spirit team makes life easier & more fun.  Not only will you feel more supported in practical ways, but you’ll also notice more ways that the Universe has your back!  $60 per person. Book online or call. Masks are required for this event only!  3 spots left for this small group

Kindred Explorers Manifesting the New Year: Astrology-Journaling-Meditation Workshop December 31 @ 1:15-2:45.  We will use our astrological natal charts explore upcoming personal themes for 2023, reflective journaling prompts & meditation to explore what we hope to bring into the new year. $50 per person.  Book at or  website under salt cave.


 Add-ons during your Halotherapy session  include:

*15 minutes extra giving you a whole hour $5 per person and can be booked online.

*Wine and Cheese before or after your session in our reception room $5 per person can be booked online.

*Massage with Dru Presti by appointment only.  $40 45 minutes, $55 (60 minutes) can be split by 2-3 people.

*Foot Reflexology with Mary Lokers by appointment only.  $40 45 minutes, $50 (60 minutes) can be split by 2-3 people. 


Oracle readings and sound healing practitioners can also be added on to your salt cave experience, call 812-339-2805 for the details.



*Pop Up Tent 10 minute Halotherapy session is for  workplace wellness for your staff members in a break room or we will bring tent to your home.  This is a highly effective condensed super fine salt aerosol mist dispersed in the enclosed tent.  We need 4 X 4 floor space and an outlet to plug into.  This unique respiratory therapy is excellent for opening the airway passages, ridding them of bacteria and allergens, boosting the immune system.

 Call 812-339-2805 or email to make arrangements or answer  any questions.