It’s March Lovely!

What’s going on at the BSC?

3/2 Gong Bath with Kundalini breathwork & yoga.  Mervin Alphones Kundalini master is your practitioner. You will be on the pink Himalayan salt floor on a yoga blanket, wear something comfortable! 5:30pm $45. Book online or call.

3/10 Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing with Susan Browning.  4pm $45 Book online or call.

3/16 Open the Door to more Prosperity. 5:30pm.  $60.  Book online or call.  In this group session, Heather will guide you to bring clarity, help align, and clear the trapped emotions between you and more prosperity.  While results vary, people experiencing this process have increased their income, received surprising checks in the mail, and new opportunities at work.  Come find out for yourself! Heather Schwartz is an intuitive guide, certified hypnosis practitioner, and holy fire reiki master.  She loves creating experiences which help people to love  and trust themselves more deeply, enjoy life, and be their most authentic self.

3/17 Energy Code heart centered breathwork, guided meditations & nervous system regulation exercises with Jules Mirise, RN, LMT.  Merge mind/body/breath with skillful techniques of removing subconscious interference & Work directly with the energy rather than the story by increasing sensory perception of the central nervous system.  5:30pm $50.  Book online or call.

Tea & Tarot with Pellucidity in life Allison, Samantha and Laura.  March 28 4:30-6:30 $40

Massage and Foot reflexology during your Halotherapy session by appointment.  Call to give us a date and time and we will confirm with the practitioners.

NEW ITEMS! Heart shaped warm/cool salt  Eye Pillows, Selenite Mushrooms, Positive affirmations hand stamped vintage spoons. 

NEW SEATING POLICY FOR THE BSC.  We have been following pandemic procedures for years now, but it is time for us to open up the cave to more people a little at a time.  I don’t know who remembers pre-pandemic at the salt cave.  We allowed 6 people in every session, exclusion of adults with children.  The change will be for single sessions and for couples or 2 people sessions.

If you are one person, We are allowing 4 spots for 4 individuals.  That means you may have 3 other people in the cave during your session.

If you are booking for 2 people, there may be 2 other people in the cave with you.  If you would prefer to be alone with just the 2 of you, we are now offering rent the whole cave for 2 people for $75 for the hour.  That is an option under rent the whole cave.  We know this is a big change for our regular customers.  Booking during the week gives you more chances of being just the 2 of you!

Parties of 3 and up will be in the cave with just their crew.  Adults with children, you will be in the cave with just your crew.  We have 6 zero gravity chairs that recline very nicely, that’s why we say up to 6 people, but you can have as many as you like in the cave of your group!  It’s $25 a person and we can do a combination of chairs and yoga blankets on the floor to accommodate your group so your all comfortable!

Feel free to reach out to us anytime, Chris and I will be happy for any feedback or suggestion from our lovely salt cave community!