More December delights!!

December 18  6pm

Join Jenny Donegan for Yoga!!  Jenny will  set an intention for us such as heart healing and lung healing in the 45 minute Halotherapy / Yoga combination.  You can learn more about Jenny’s practice at

Program cost:  $35 per person  please pre-pay and pre-register, space is limited

December 21,  6pm

When was the last time you were read to?!  Join Lois H Silverman for Enchanted Solstice Tales.  Relax your body with a 45 minute Halotherapy session and let your holiday spirit soar to the dramatic reading of enchanted tales of light and magic for Venezuela, Tanzania, Italy, and Germany.  Banish the dark as we journey to meet the Sky People, the Light Keeper, the Elves, and of course the Winter Witch.  This date is for Adults.  If there is enough interest, we will have a families night on December 28, please let us know!

Program costs:  $35 per person  please pre-pay and pre register, space is limited.  Stop by the Salt Cave or Call 812-339-2805

Also on December 21 7:15pm

Ring in the Solstice with Philip Clampitt and his beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls!!   Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy using Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years for spiritual meditative and healing purposes. The body is 70% water being an excellent conductor for sound and vibrational energy.  The vibrational sound waves of the quartz singing bowls are said to attune the body at a cellular level by affecting the body’s many crystalline structures. MRI scans show that the sound of the crystal bowls activate more parts of the brain and neurotransmitters, positively affecting moods and pain.

Philip will play 8 crystal singing bowls with each bowl being tuned to the frequency of each chakra, each of the major glands, and the aura, to bring your system into balance.

We will start at 7:15.  Please pre-pay and pre register, space is limited.

Program cost:  $35 per person