Merry and Bright!

Happy Holidays and a Merry and Bright New Year!  Thanks to everyone who joined us for December’s special events.  We started off with Annie B.’s guided meditation with Reiki, she also lead a Restorative Yoga session.  Jenny D. taught heart and lung centered Yoga.  Lois S. read to us Enchanted Solstice Tales, and will have a encore reading you can still sign up for December 28 at 6pm.  Philip C. played his Crystal Singing Bowls, lining up chakras and attuning the body with vibrational soundwaves.  We hosted the Events in our beautiful calming Salt Cave and a Halotherapy session.  More Events to come!  Check our website or follow us on Bloomington Salt Cave Facebook page to see what Events we have going on in January.  AS the winter weather progresses, keep in mind Haotherapy for boosting immune system and preventing colds and flu.  If your in the beginning stages or middle of cold and flu, come in to reduce the amount of time until you get better!