March Happenings!

  SALT CAVE CELEBRATION!!!!!  We are enjoying all the people who have come to have a “Salt Cave Celebration” with us.  Whether its a Birthday, Anniversary, Bridal Shower, Multi-generational get together, Retirement party, let us help make it special.  You can choose your own music, hang a banner, just ask!  (Thanks to the Women who let me post their picture)

I have been asked “what should I wear at the salt cave?’  Anything that is comfortable to you!  The Temperature in the cave is in the 70’s.  If you tend to get cold, long sleeve would be good.  I have blankets for you to snuggle up in.  Laying in the zero gravity chair for 45 minutes without moving around, we want to make sure your comfortable!   As the micro size particles envelop  the room, they fall on your hair, skin, clothing and of course, breathed into all your airway passages, it does not feel overly salty.  You will taste a little on your lips, but doesn’t make hair, skin  and clothing stiff, like you would want to shower right away!

We had a wonderful February, and would like to thank our gifted Practitioners and all of you for experiencing Halotherapy and our Special Events.

As always, space is limited and must be pre-registered!  Call 812-339-2805, we can take your credit card number over the phone, or stop by 115 N Madison to secure your spot.

All Events except Foot Reflexology is $35 and include Halotherapy session.  Foot Reflexology is $55 for one person 1/2 hour.  $110 for two people 1 hour.

MONDAY 3/5  RESTORAVITE YOGA WITH ANNIE:  6PM  Join Annie Patric Buechlein Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master/ Teacher.  Participants are gently guided to yoga poses for an extended period of time. There is no muscular engagement, it is all about pure relaxation and bliss.  For all fitness levels.

WEDNESDAY 3/7 FOOT REFLEXOLOGY WITH MARY:  6PM  Join Certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers for a treatment in the salt cave.  Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Benefits of therapeutic foot reflexology include balance and normalization of the body naturally, improving circulation and delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells and reducing stress and facilitating relaxation.

SUNDAY 3/11 GONG BATH WITH MERVYN:  6PM  Join Mervyn Alphonse, Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga teacher for the Gong Bath.  The Gong is one of man’s most powerful transformational and therapeutic instruments.  It is a psycho-acoustic gateway to higher states of consciousness and is ideal for stress reduction & rejuvenation.  Together with the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits of the salt cave, this promises to be an extraordinary and healing experience.

WEDNESDAY 3/21  GUIDED MEDITATION, REIKI AND ESSENTIAL OIL WITH ANNIE: 6PM  Join Annie Patric Buechlein, Reiki Master/Teacher for a magical Guided Meditation with Reiki and Essential Oils.  Relax in a Zero Gravity Chair, listen to soft music as Annie guides you through a session of relaxation.

THURSDAY 3/22 SPRING CLEANING FOR THE SOUL: GUIDED REIKI MEDITATION WITH KAT:  6PM:  Join Kat Forgacs, Certified Reiki Teacher, for an uplifting letting-go of all that no longer serves you!  Be guided into a peaceful place within where your inner light shines:  brightly, easily, joyfully, and playfully.  Let the nourishing negative ions of the salt cave and the soothing experience of a gentle voice heal tensions, stresses, and anything holding you back from your greatest enjoyment of life!  All are welcome~ come as you are!  are welcome, as those with prior experience.


THURSDAY 3/29  TENDING THE INNER HEARTH:  A GUIDED MEDITATION WITH LOIS:  6PM:  Loin Lois H. Silverman, fosters creative and metaphysical growth through workshops, teaching, writing and dance.  Honor early spring with a purifying Halotherapy session and a unique Guided Meditation.  Journey to your own Inner Hearth, listen deeply and stoke the twin flames of Creativity and Will as we prepare for Spring.  Please bring a journal and pen/pencil.

Look forward to seeing you at Bloomington Salt Cave!

Laura & Chris