February Events…….Heart- Centric!

      We are Loving our 5 Wellness Practitioners  bringing their Light, Love, Creativity and Expertise to the Bloomington Salt Cave!

            Annie Patrick Buechlein Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher and Essential Oil and Guided Meditation Magical Goddess!

           Jenny Donegan Artist, Tech consultant, Yoga instructor specializing in Partner Yoga and Heart & Lung Yoga.

           Kat Forgacs Traditional Reiki Teacher, Facilitator of Wellness & Transformation Spiritual Growth and Empowerment

           Mary Lokers Certified Foot Reflexologist and Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Midwife.

           Lois H Silverman Fosters Creative and Metaphysical Growth through workshops, teaching, writing and dance.

                                                                                               EVENT CALENDAR:

Pre-registration is Required       $35 a person     SPACE IS LIMITED!    CALL 812-339-2805 to Reserve Your spot!

2/2  Tending the Inner Hearth:  A Guided Meditation: 6pm 

Join Lois and Honor the Deep Midwinter with a purifying Halotherapy session and  unique Guided Meditation.  Journey to your own Inner Hearth, listen deeply and stoke the twin flames of Creativity and Will as we prepare for Spring.  Please bring a journal and pen/pencil.  A few spots still open!

2/4  Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils:  Valentines Day Edition: 6pm

Annie will focus on opening the Heart and will get you in the mood for LOVE!  Participants are gently guided to yoga poses, and use bolsters to support you in the posse for an extended period of time.  During Restorative Yoga, there is no muscular engagement, it is all about pure relaxation and bliss.  For all fitness levels.

2/9  Guided Meditation wit Reiki and Essential Oils: 6

Annie’s Meditation for the month will focus on love, opening the heart and healing the heart.  The Japanese energy healing technique of Reiki will be used to send healing to heart-breaks of the past and empowering the love in your future.  Special Essential Oils will be used to get you in the mood for Love!  You will relax in a zero gravity chair, listen to soft music as Annie guides you through a session of relaxation.  Great Date Night!

2/14  Self-Love Meditation at the Salt Cave! 5pm

Whether you are blissfully coupled or blissfully single, there is one constant presents in your life, and that is you!  You are your own “life partner”, present with yourself through all of life’s cycles, challenges, growth, momentous occasions, and learning opportunities.  Treat yourself (& a loved one) to a special Valentine’s event with traditional Reiki Teacher Kat Forgacs.  Kat will guide a meditation to tap into and expand loving appreciation for yourself, while you bask in the Halotherapy environment of the Salt Cave.  You can also receive a traditional Reiki treatment in your comfortable zero gravity chair, to deeply relax and nourish you in whatever way will most support your total wellbeing.  Participants are warmly welcomed to come “exactly as you are” – no special preparation needed.  Prior experience with meditation or with Reiki is both welcome, and not at all required.

2/14  Partner Yoga Strengthen Your Relationship: 6pm 

The Basic definition of Yoga means UNION.  Relationships much like yoga are a practice that constantly unfolds before our eyes.  We learn, we change and we grow.  Join Jenny as she unites the mind, body and spirit with these special Yoga poses.  Great Date Night!

2/17  Valentine’s Day Snuggle Session with Annie: 4pm

 A guided meditation experience for Lovers!  Cozy up on a blanket  while snuggling into 3 inches of pink Himalayan pebble beach floor of Salt Cave.  Bask in the pink glow, and breathe in the salty air!  Let Annie guide a special meditation for you and your sweetie.  Great Date Night!

2/18  Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils with Annie: 6pm

2/21 Guided Meditation Reiki and Essential Oils with Annie: 6pm

2/22 Self Love Meditation at the Salt Cave with Kat: 6pm  see 2/14 for information on this event!

2/27  Tending the Inner Hearth: A Guided Meditation with Lois: 6pm  see 2/2 for information on this event!




Tired?  On  your feet all day?  Stress can wreak havoc on our mood, emotions, and physical health.  Isn’t it time  for  relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation?  Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot. Reflexology promotes balance and normalization of the body,  Improves circulation, deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells, reduce stress, facilitate relaxation!  Paring Reflexology with Halotherapy will also open up airway passages, reduce inflammation, and clean your reispatory system.

                                                            Mary Lokers Certified Foot Reflexologist will see clients at Salt Cave:

                                2/6    at 5pm and 6pm                           AND                      2/13    at 10am, 11am and 12 pm noon

                                      Clients must pre-register.  Call 812-339-2805 to pick one of theses dates and times.

One person for 30 minutes of Halotherapy and Reflexology: $55

Two people, each receiving 30 minutes of  Reflexology and one hour of Halotherapy: $110