May offerings!

It’s the lovely month of May, and we have some lovely Events for you.           Mother’s Day is extra special,  bring your Mom to experience a Gong Bath!

We want to thank our  gifted Healers  Annie, Lois, Mervyn, Philip, Jenny, Kat and Mary  who have all done a wonderful job in bring their unique talents and magic to the Salt Cave.   They have helped us become the kind of Health and wellness venue Chris and I were hoping to provide our community.  Paring Halotherapy with all these certified Practitioners has given our  customers multi-level health benefits.  We are pleased to add Becky Lamb who will be teaching Breathwork~ Chakra Balancing ~ Release twice this month.

Thanks to all of you wo have come to the Bloomington Salt cave, we look forward to seeing you again!

Check Bloomington Salt Cave Facebook page for more Event details.  Space is limited.   Pre-register by calling 812-339-2805 to guarantee your spot.

 Please arrive a little early, all events start on the hour.


May 9th       Miss Annie’s Animal Medicine:  The Owl    with Annie Buechlein

Join Annie B. in the Bloomington Salt Cave for the first of her Animal Medicine Series.  This guided meditation will allow you to connect with the Spirit Animal The Owl.  Miss Annie will guide you to tap into the healing medicine that the Owl can bring.  Connect with your spirit animal and see what messages it has for you!  Maybe you are already drawn to owls, or consider the owl to be one of your animal guides, or perhaps you have never worked with the Owl before and you are feeling called to connect with the Owl energy and see what messages of wisdom it can bring to your life.  All of Annie’s meditation sessions include Reiki as well as the use of special essential oils to further enhance your experience.  6pm-6:45pm  $35


May 18 AND May 23     Restorative Yoga and Essential Oils     with Annie Buechlein

Join Reiki and Yoga Teacher Annie Buechlein for a night of healing in the Bloomington Salt Cave.  Relax on the warm salt floor while practicing Restorative Yoga.  This style of yoga involves long holds of simple poses on the floor.  You will be supported by pillows and props during this practice with no muscular engagement.  This is very different from a movement based yoga class.  Accessible and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  Breathe in the healing salt air and the magical aromatherapy smells of Annie’s essential oil potions.  Join us in the cave and Zen out with Annie.  6pm- 6:45pm $35


May  13    Mother’s Day Gong Bath!   with Mervyn Alphonse

Join Mervyn Reiki Master and Sound Therapist for a special Mother’s Day Gong Bath!  The Gong is one of man’s most powerful transformational and therapeutic instruments.  It is psycho-acoustic gateway to higher states of consciousness and is ideal for stress reduction and rejuvenation.  Together with the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects of the salt cave, this promises to be an extraordinary uplifting and healing experience.  Treat your Mother to something healthful and new!  6pm to 7pm  $35


May  14     Chanting      with Annie Buechlein

Since Ancient times Chanting has been a way for Human kind to connect to the spiritual realm.  Connect with the power of your voice and tap into the vibration of Chanting.  Participants will learn several basic Chants and their translations.  The Salt Cave setting is a beautiful amplification to the sounds of the Voice.  6-6:45pm  $35


May  16   AND  May 30    Breathwork~ Chakra Balancing ~ Release     with Becky Lamb

Are you experiencing stress, body tension, a heavy heart, or a restless mind?  Are you having trouble grieving the loss of someone or something, and feel disconnected from your peace?   Join us for an evening of healing and return to your life feeling grounded, clear, and confident again.  This breathwork experience will support you to release blocked energy in your emotional, mental, and physical  body and relax into your inner peace and clarity.  You will also receive benefit of individual Reiki and Body Word to further your release process.  We will end with a grounding chakra meditation and welcome in new heart-centered intentions.  Out with the old, in with the new.      6pm-7:30pm  $45


May  17    Growing the Inner Garden Within:  A  Guided Meditation    with Lois H. Silverman

Embrace the energies of Spring with a restorative Halotherapy session and an new guided meditation with Lois at Bloomington Salt Cave!  Journey to the Garden Within, renew your senses, and engage the special wisdom of the Roots and the Buds.  Please bring a journal or pad, and pen/pencil.  No previous meditation experience required!  6pm-7pm $35


May 21   WOLF Spirit Animal Guided Meditation     with Annie Buechlein

Join Annie B.  for a journey with the spirit of the Wolf.  Breathing in the therapeutic salt of Halotherapy in the Bloomington Salt Cave, allow yourself to run free and let your spirit howl.  During this special meditation session, connect with the powerful energy of the Wolf.  Miss Annie will guide you through a journey to visit this powerful spirit animal and see what messages it has for you.  Tap into strength, confidence and transformation with the medicine of the Wolf.  Session includes Reiki energy healing, as well as the use of special essential oild blends carefully selected to enhance your experience.  6pm-6:45 pm  $35



May 31     Crystal Singing Bowls      with  Philip Clampitt 

Join Philip as he plays the Crystal Singing Bowls.  Let the sound waves move through your cells to rebalance through oscillation and resonance.  Studies have shown direct impact on the mental process, muscles, nervous and circulatory systems.  Plus let Halotherapy in the Salt Cave cleanse your respiratory system.  6pm-7pm $35


Open Registration    Foot Reflexology   with Mary Lokers

Mary and the Salt Cave have some dates,   she is available May 8, 9, 18, 22, 23, 29 and 30.  Please call Salt Cave so we can look at times for these dates, we can book your appointment as we look at calendar.  30 minutes $55  a person,  2 people can be  at cave 30 minutes each at  same hour $110.

Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Reflexology promotes balance and normalization of the body, improves circulation, delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells, reduces stress, facilitate relaxation!  Paring Reflexology with Halotherapy will also open up airway passages, reduce inflammation, and clean your reispatory system.