June Events. New for the summer….KIDS PLAY!

June is a great time to get together with family and friends.  Bring them to the Bloomington Salt Cave!  Awesome for locals and out-of- towners to experience the cave together. All ages are welcome!  We are introducing Kids play times this summer, check dates below.  You can also RENT THE WHOLE CAVE  for your friends & family, great multi generational fun!

Wear comfortable clothing, including socks to the Salt Cave.  Space is limited, please pre-register by calling 812-339-2805.  Most events are on salt pebble floor.


June 8 at 6pm-6:45pm     KIDS PLAY!  Bring your kids to play in our pure Himalayan Salt and scrub up the good vibes!!  Surround your children with negative ions as their immune systems are developing and constantly fighting off new encounters with allergens, bacteria and disease.  Strengthens and protects children’s respiratory systems naturally.  While playing in the 3 inches of pink Himalayan salt pebbles on the floor, your child will inhale the dry salt particles deep into their lungs, loosening mucus and reducing inflammation which makes more room in their airways for them to breathe.  It’s antimicrobial and anti-bacterial by nature.  The cost is $25 per adult, $5 per child.  Must have one adult to two children.  Bring books or favorite toys, no electronics or beverages in cave.

June 11 at 6pm-7pm       GONG BATH   During a Gong Bath Meditation, let the tones carry you away to wherever you need to be without judgement or inner criticism.  Drop into an effortless state of relaxation.  Rejuvenating for our bodies and cells.  It can be transformative in helping with unblocking emotions.  Join Sound Therapist Mervyn A. and the detoxing effects of Halotherapy for this hour long event.  $35

June 13 at 6pm-6:45     Restorative Yoga  Join Reiki and Yoga teacher Annie Patrick Buechlein for a night of healing in the Bloomington Salt cave.  Relax on the salt pebble floor while holding simple yoga poses.  You will be supported by pillows and props during this practice with no muscular engagement.  This is very different from a movement based yoga class.  Accessible and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  Breathe in the healing salt air and the magical aromatherapy smells of Annie’s essential oil potions.  Join us in the cave and Zen out with Annie! $35

June 14  at 6pm-7pm      Growing the Garden Within:  A Guided Meditation   Embrace the energies of June with a restorative halotherapy session and guided meditation with Lois H. Silverman.  Journey to the Garden Within, renew your senses, and engage the special wisdom of the Roots and Blooms.  Please bring a journal or pad and pen/pencil.  No previous meditation experience required!   $35


June 15 at 6pm-6:45pm     KIDS PLAY!


June 20 at 6pm-6:45         Guided Meditation, Reiki and Essential Oils  Join Annie Patrick Buechlein Reiki master/ Yoga teacher as she guides each participant into a deep state of relaxation, a mini healing  Reiki session and a special custom made essential oil blend.  $35


June 22 at 6pm-7:30pm     Breathwork~ Chakra Balancing   Join us for an evening of healing and return to your life feeling grounded, clear, and confident again.  This breathwork experience will support you to release blocked energy in your emotional, mental, and physical body and relax into your inner peace and clarity.  You will also receive benefit of individual Reiki and Body Work to further your release process.  We will end with a grounding chakra meditation and welcome in new heart-centered intentions.  Out with the old, in with the new.  You can bring a pillow/blanket if you wish.  Becky Lamb had the Honor to study and train with Jai Maa.  $45


June 26 at 6pm-7pm       Introduction to Middle Eastern Dance   Curious about the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance, also know as Belly Dance?  Come enjoy a gentle, one-hour Beginner’s introduction to basic moves and rhythms in the magical Salt Cave with Lois H. Sliverman.   Breathe in the restorative salt air as we dance on magic carpets in the sand.  No previous dance experience necessary!  $35  Lois has taught Middle Eastern Dance in Bloomington for more than 15 years.  She currently teaches on-going classes at Arthur Murray Studio.  Over the , she has performed at many restaurants and venues throughout Bloomington and Indianapolis.  Lois loves introducing students to the transforming magic of the dance!

June 27 at 6pm-7pm  Guided Meditation with Acupuncture.   Annie Buechlein loves acupuncture and wanted to bring in the talents of the lovely  Leah Craig (of  Roots of Healing Acupuncture) to add some extra flair to her Guided Meditation this month!  Leah will place tiny needles on specific points on the body to facilitate an even deeper state of relaxation (trust us, it’s not painful!)  If you’ve never tried acupuncture before, it’s a great opportunity to check it out in the relaxing setting of the Salt Cave.  Miss Annie will guide your meditation and send you off with some Reiki as well.  Of course essential oils and aromatherapy will be happening as well.  Get your energy balanced with this double dose of AWESOME.  $45

June 29 at 6pm-6:45pm     KIDS PLAY! 


Join Mary Lokers Certified Reflexologist in the Salt Cave! Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Promotes balance and normalization of the body, improves circulation, delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells, reduces stress, facilitates relaxation.   30 minutes $55 a person, two people can be in the cave 30 minutes each at same hour.