November is for Abundance, Gratitude and Compassion!

“Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared Humanity~ Pema Chodron

The wonderful Practitioners that guide us through Events at the Salt Cave all embody these traits, and help the attendee with their health and wellness mind/body goals.  Let the Salt Cave Soothe and comfort you as the weather changes.  Going into cold weather with a cleaned reispatory system gives your immune system a BOOST!

ALL EVENTS MUST BE PRE REGISTERED AND PRE PAID, SPACE IS LIMITED.  CALL 812-339-2805 to reserve a spot.  All include Halotherapy.

Here are the Events for this month:


11/3  BREATHWORK  Join Becky Lamb for an evening of healing and return to your life feeling grounded, clear and confident again.  This breathwork experience will support you to release blocked energy in your emotional, mental, and physical body to relax into your inner peace and clarity.  You will also receive benefit of individual Reiki and body work to further your release process.  We will end with a grounding chakra meditation and welcome in New heart-centered intentions.  Breathe the salt infused air, out with the old, in with the new!  6-7:30 $45

11/7  RESTORATIVE YOGA  Join Annie Buechlein and relax on the salt pebble floor while holding simple yoga posses….pure bliss!  You will be supported by pillows and props during this practice with no muscular engagement.  Breathe the healing salt infused air and the magical aromatherapy smells of Annie’s essential oil potions.  Zen out with Annie!  6-6:45 $35

11/14    ACUPUNCTURE WITH GUIDED MEDITATION Join Leah Craig from Roots and Healing Acupuncture and Annie Buechlein for 3 health and wellness modalities at once!  6-7:30 $45

11/15  CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS  Join Philip Clampitt and let the sound waves move through your cells to rebalance you through oscillation and resonance.

11/17  INTUTIVE MEDIUM GROUP READINGS Mediumship session is a type of reading where Emily Sullivan is able to assist in giving messages to you from loved ones from the other side.  She may receive specific words, phrases, names, symbols, and other definitive information that will help you recognize who is trying to speak with you. 6-7pm $35

11/18  YOUR LIFE IN 3 ACTS: DIRECTING YOUR OWN STORY    Utilizing three of your favorite scenes from film, we will explore themes from your past and present and hopes/concerns for your future with the goals of providing insights and tools for a more self-directed life.  Join Betty Laird MSA LCSW.  She has done extensive work with individuals and groups on wellness and life transitions.  5-6pm $35

11/19  CHANTING CIRCLE: MANTRAS FOR GROUNDING AND GRATITUDE with Kat Forgacs.  Introduction to Mantras from the Japanese system of Reiki.  Be transported by intonation and grounding in earth energy and gratitude  to guide you into the family holidays. 6-7pm $35

11/27  ANCESTORS OF THE FAMILY TREE: A GUIDED MEDITATION.  In this Encore session with Lois Silverman, come take a meditative journey through the lush foliage of your Family Tree as we connect with some very influential spirits. 6-7pm $35

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:  FOOT REFLEXOLOGY with Mary Lokers.  Tired? On your feet all day?  Reflexology is a unique method of using thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Promotes balance, improves circulation, reduces stress.  Your feet and the rest of your body will thank you!  Call 812-339-2805 to book an appointment.

MASSAGE IN THE CAVE with Lisa Spencer.  Lisa gives a customized massage that has measurable therapeutic benefits for you.  She is well versed in many types of bodyworks: Swedish and deep tissue, and ortho-bionomy and will have you feeling your best.  Call 812-339-2805 to book an appointment.