October…Warm rich colors, crisp blue skies, New Events!

Self care is as easy as taking off your shoes and lying down for a 45 minute Halotherapy session!  Breathing the  dry salt infused air deep cleans the sinus cavities and respiratory track, thus reducing the toxic load on the immune system.  You Must check out this outstanding  October Events Calendar!!!  As always included is Halotherapy…. and space is limited.  Please call 812-339-2805 to register and pre pay to guarantee a spot!

10/3:  Restorative Yoga & Reiki with Annie P. Buechlein.  Restore your body, mind and spirit with gentle poses, help for extended time, surrounded with bolsters and props.  Sink down in the salt floor and relax.  As always Annie’s classes combine Reiki, Essential oils, singing bowls and whatever magic appears that evening.  6-6:45pm  $35

NEW!  Honor the Ancestors: A Program Series for October!  From Samhain to Dia de los Muertos, autumn is the time to honor the spirit world, and especially, the ancestors- those that came before us, and on whose shoulders we stand.  Join Lois for a 3-part series of guided meditations and celebration to honor the ancestors.  Special price of $100 for the entire series of 3 programs if you register by 10/14!

10/16: Ancestors of the Family Tree: A Guided Meditation. In part 1 of the series, take a meditative journey through the lush foliage of your family tree as we connect with some very influential spirits. Some you’ll know, and others you won’t–until tonight!  5:15-6:15pm  $35

10/17:  Guided Meditation PLUS Acupuncture.  3 wellness modalities at once!  Experience deep relaxation with Annie B’s guided mediation and experience restorative Acupuncture with Leah Craig of Roots of Healing Acupuncture Plus Halotherapy for this special hour in the Salt Cave!  6-7pm $45

10/20 NEW Plant Spirit Meditation with Sarah Baldwin.  Traditional cultures have long believed that plants are conscious beings who are our teachers and allies, healers and medicine-bringers.  Plant spirit medicine is a tradition that recognizes deep relationships with plants as the primary healing agent in herbalism.  In this session, we will consciously connect with plant allies through  meditative practices to receive guidance and healing, while also nurturing our own relationships with medicinal plant allies.  Sarah is a author of The Herbal Healing Deck, an oracle deck featuring guidance and wisdom from medicinal plants which many of you have looked through while waiting for your session at the salt cave.   6-7pm $35

10/23: NEW Color in the Cave!  Bring your coloring book, or sketch pads and release your inner creativity while listening to Positive Vibe Music and breathing in the Salt Infused Air!  We will have coloring pages and markers/colored pencils to share.  6-6:45pm  $25

10/27  Emily Sullivan Intuitive Medium Readings. A Mediumship session is a type of reading where Emily is able to assist in giving messages to you from loved ones from the other side.  She my receive specific words, phrases, names, symbols, and other definitive information that will help you recognize who is trying to speak with you.

6-7pm $35            Emily is also available on Saturdays for the month of October for parities of 6 at 6pm

10/28:  NEW Book Club!  Join Pam Maddox to discuss the book:  “Human by Design: from evolution by chance to transformation by choice” By Gregg Braden.  Grab a copy today!  6-7pm $25

10/30 Ancestors of Affinity:  A Guided Meditation.  In part 2 of the series, explore the timeless realms of History and Culture and meet some very famous kindred spirits.  Find out whose life purpose intersects with yours, and gain a new mentor in the spirit world.  6-7pm  $35

11/2 Love Without End!  An Ancestor Altar Celebration.  In part 3, come celebrate the power of endless love as we assemble a simple ancestor alter together, adorn it with photos, symbols, and messages, and share remembrances of our beloved ones.  Please bring photos and/or small objects/mementos of one or two ancestors you wish to honor this year.  6-7:30pm  $40

Events must be pre-paid.  Please call if you cant make it!  Refunds only to those who call to cancel.

No show no call is no refund.


Foot Reflexology with Mary Lokers, CFR:  Tired, on your feet all day?  Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Benefits include promoting balance, improving circulation and delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells , reducing stress and facilitating relaxation.

10/11: 3pm-6pm,  10/12: 10am-6pm,  10/17: 10am-6pm,  10/19: 10am-6pm,    10/24 5pm-6pm, 10/26: 10am-6pm,  10/31: 10am-6pm.  Only $1 per minute plus $25 per halotherapy session.

Mary is available for one to 6 people per session.

MASSAGE ON MASSAGE TABLE! With Lisa Spencer Body Massage, CMT.  Lisa has been doing massage professionally for nearly 20 years.  She gives a customized massage experience that has measurable therapeutic benefits  for you.  Her goal is to help you walk out of a session feeling relaxed & balanced, ready to float into the next leg of your life journey!  She is well versed in may types of bodywork: Swedish & deep tissue massage, and ortho-bionomy (a very gentle, yet effective way to release muscle tension.)  But, most importantly, Lisa cares about helping you feel your best and does her best to achieve that.  10/11: 10am-2pm,  10/18: 10am-1pm,  10/24: 10am-4pm,  10/29: 10am-4pm.  $85 45  minute session.


We have beautiful and unique pink Himalayan salt lamp’s to choose from!

Gift Certificates are always a good choice for friends and family!