October Events!

Here at the Bloomington Salt Cave, we love offering varied, creative and inspired Health Modalities while breathing in the micron sized particles of salt to clean and encourage a healthy respiratory system!  Cultivation of your health takes time and practice.  What the different certified health practitioners  do at these events  is help us with the intention of mind, body and spirit to push past our everyday routines and into the wonder of our own powers and gifts to the world.

All Events include Halotherapy and must be pre-registered by calling 812-339-2805.  Space is limited!

10/6  Yoga Nidra with Sharon McGuire
Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep-based Guided Meditation bringing the body into a deep state on non-doing to help you sleep better, neutralize excess stress, and restores profound sense of peace and relaxation. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit while enjoying Halotherapy in the unique setting of the Bloomington Salt Cave. This practice is available to all abilities. 3-3:34pm $35

10/10 Tai Chi-Like Chi Gong with Certified instructor Elisa Pokral.
An Intergration of slow moving physical postures (a moving meditation), breath, and intention. This is an easy, powerful exercise that covers major energy pathways in the body but does not change direction like Tai Chi. It’s best for those who desire an easier, quick technique and/or have some physical limitations. Like Tai Chi, Chi Gong circulates energy throughout the body, unblocks stagnant energy, and restores energy in the body’s system. This practice helps you live consciously, more joyfully, and empowered. Combine the exercise with the benefits of dry salt inhalation and you will be amazed at how you feel!
Elisa has taught in Bloomington since 2001  6-6:45pm $25

10/12  Sound Healing Journey with Molly Adkins.
For thousands of years, ancient masters, sages, priests and yogis have used sound for its healing benefits and for spiritual development. Join on this journey and experience the healing sounds of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Vocal Toning ad the Buffalo Drum. Allow the sound to carry you to a state of deep relaxation, with both cellular and emotional healing can occur. 6-7pm $35

10/19  Intuitive Medium Group Readings with Emily Sullivan
Emily will assist you in giving messages that loved ones form the other side want you to hear. She may receive words, phrases, names, symbols, and other definitive information to help you in this therapeutic and healing modality. 6-7:30pm $35

10/22  Spa Day Therapeutic Table Massage & Foot Reflexology with Mary Lokers and Rachelle Hope.
Special offering of 2 health modalities in the Salt cave. Receive 10% off of table massage and foot reflexology plus $25 per person for Halotherapy. Call to book your appointment and for any questions!

10/26 Sitar Serenade with Miklos Santorini.
Join us for a special night of Raga inspired Sitar Music! Raga’s Bhairavi and Jaunpuri will be featured in their minimalist glory for your senses to enjoy. Acoustics are great in the salt cave! Let Miklos send you into deep relaxation and mind expansion in this blissful musical meditation. 6-7pm $30

10/27  Gong Bath with Mervyn Alphones.
Let the tones carry you away to wherever you need to be! We will start with some Kundalini yoga breathing exercises. Then lay back on the pick Himalayan salt pebble floor on a yoga blanket, to drop into an effortless state of relaxation and rejuvenation while breathing in the salt infused air. 6-7pm $35

11/3 Honor the Ancestors of the Family Tree: A Guided Meditation With Lois Silverman. From Samhain to Dia de los Muertos, autumn is the time to honor the spirit world, especially the ancestors- those that came before us, and on whose shoulders we stand. Join Lois for a meditative journey through the lush foliage of your own Family Tree as we connect with some very influential spirits. Some you’ll know, and others you wont-until tonight!
6-7:30pm $40

New to salt cave!  Kat Forgacs is offering Reiki!  You can recline on a zero gravity chair or be seated or reclining on a blanket on the salt floor (similar to laying on a beach!)  Kat will guide you into a peaceful, quiet meditation and offer you Reiki treatment, focusing especially on parts of the body that hold tension or stress, like the head and shoulders.  You may feel some warmth or a soothing feeling of peace.  Some people even fall asleep!

Reiki services are available by appointment and advanced booking is required.  Please call Salt Cave 812-339-2805  This is an add on service for your halotherapy booking.  For 2 to 6 people.  $1 dollar a minute plus $25 halotherapy session per person.