Elementor #1154

Hello Bloomington Salt Cave Friends.
Miss seeing you and are keeping you in our thoughts day by day
 We have heard this time referred to a     “The Great Pause”
We have paused our business and communications about the BSC, except to post on FB some great Qigong exercises and inspirational content that we find helpful.
Not being able to send you micron sized particles of salt through the internet, and choosing not to put our merchandise up for sale online, has keep us quiet and contemplative.
      Chris and I have been running the halogenerator salt aerosol machine to keep it in good shape and will be able to easily reopen when the coast is clear.
We look forward to providing you with Allergy & asthma relief, improved lung function, reducing inflammation and taking a break from stress while grounding yourself back to yourself!
For now, if you need a beautiful Salt Lamp to give you some soothing and peaceful light for your home, let us know. I can take a picture and text it to you. We also have light bulbs and cords if need them. I have been using the “clear my head” aromatherapy roller for the filter inside my cloth mask.
Also the Hand and Cuticle balm made by the Santa Barbara Salt Cave for my hand washed hands. Email if interested: bloomingtonsaltcave@gmail.com
We could meet with face masks and 15 feet away outside the Salt Cave location.
Gift cards are also available online.
We will honor all 5 for 4 packages, gift certificates and groupons that have already been purchased.
In the mean time, be kind to yourself and try to get some rest, eat nourishing food, and enjoy Spring beauty as it
unfolds all around us.
Until we meet again stay safe, soak up some sun and breathe.  

Love from our family to yours, Laura and Chris