Mother’s and Any Day curbside/ free delivery!

Celebrate MOM and support your local Salt Cave with these fantastic gift ideas!  Just give us a call at 812-339-2805 to arrange curbside pick up or free delivery.  Or email us at to place your order.  Contactless shopping for our health and safety.  Ask us to text you more pictures of our unique and beautiful shapes and sizes.  We have small lamps, 5 lbs up to 80 lbs!

Flowers for Mom!   Salt Lamps provide soft comforting ambient light.  Keep them turned on for the benefit of negative ion release.  Deeply soothing and meditative. Not pictured: Rose, lotus flower, heart shape bowl, mushroom.

Bear, Bird, Bunny!  Pet names for mother and child. Great for night lights too. Not pictured: Camel, Owl, Turtle, Elephant, Squirrel.

Bring the BSC home with these healthful Hot/Cold therapeutic salt pillows filled with the BSC pharma grade fine salt from our Salt Cave.  Great for inflammation and swelling.  Himalayan Salt Massage stones can be used hot/ cold, with massage oils or wet with water to soak up the 84 trace minerals.  Helps with skin irritations such as bug bites and psoriasis.  Various candle holder options.

Small batch locally owned organic Lavender Salt Scrub.  Beachy Waves texturizing Hair Spray and Hand/Cuticle or Foot Balms made by the Santa Barbara Salt Cave. 

Clear My head sinus/ congestion relief and Tension Headache relief rollers made with essential oils and fit in a pocket or purse for on the go. Herbal Inhalation Jar, use to breathe in or put herbs in boiling water and breath in the steam.  Chakra Anointing Oils, 8 vials to a tube.  Includes Chakra chart and guided meditaiton. 

Bloomington Salt Cave is working on our Safety Protocols and Procedures before reopening.  Until then, we will be closed for Halotherapy sessions.  We hope to reopen with individual sessions and with rent the whole cave for families.  We wish everyone good health and wellness, and so look forward to seeing you again!  Laura and Chris