We are Ready for you! Opening June 6

Dear BSC customers old and new, we are ready to resume Halotherapy sessions.  

Respiratory wellness and hygiene have never been so important!   

Let the BSC help you fortify your immune system, lower stress levels, keep your lungs strong and maintain overall health. Breathing in the salt infused air stimulates our bodies internal processes for cleansing and draws out  the impurities,  opens up airway passages and reduces inflammation in the sinuses and bronchial tubes.

To keep us as safe as possible, these are the steeps we are taking:

* Our hours have changed:    10am, 11:30. 1pm, 2:30, 4 and 5:30pm.   This gives us  more time to clean between sessions and run longer fresh air exchanges in salt cave.  

*We are now open Wednesday-Saturday for the summer Starting June 6th.

*We require everyone to wear a face mask everywhere except in the salt cave during the halotherapy session.

*There is a waiver to sign concerning the state of your health and consent to Halotherapy treatment. 

*Please bring your own blanket, or wear long sleeves. We were advised not to use blankets at this time.

*To maintain 6 foot distancing in the salt cave, there will be no more filling the cave to 6 people who do not know each other.  We have room for one to 2 people at a time. If you are alone, you might have one other person you don’t know.  If you are a group of people 3-6, we prefer you be from the same household.

*please let us know if  you are bringing children!

*HEPA filters, Hand Sanitizer and face masks for those who don’t have one.

*If we can answer any question, please don’t hesitate.  Call 812-339-2805 or email us: bloomingtonsaltcave@gmail.com