December Light & Love

Time to take comfort from our family, friends, animal and plant allies as winter is upon us.  Positive affirmations help us connect and resonate the light and love that surround us.  In Latin, affirmare means “to make steady, strengthen.”  This is a Magnet for any metal surface we have several designs that radiate love and positivity.  Great gift, only $6!

This Tibetan Prayer Flag inspired Blessing Banner is  Hand sewn by a team of seamstresses working with a not-for-profit that gives opportunity & independence to minority & underserved communities.  Printed in USA.  Shown here is the “Fierce and Free” Banner, 6 flags read: You are Powerful, You are Wise, You are Free, You are Fierce, You Radiate Love, You Shine.   There are 2 other designs, “Self Love”  and “Grateful Heart” $30 

Please check out our website for other gift ideas.  We have a small but mighty shop filled with healthful and beautiful treasures.  Some are produced by local makers, some by the Santa Barbara Salt Cave.  While we don’t have a online shopping cart, It is still easy to place an order.  Just give us a call 812-339-2805, tell us what you want and pick it up curb side.  You can also book an appointment so you can be in the shop with just myself, or if you want to bring a few friends. Please consider shopping with us!  Your purchases will help sustain us during these challenging times. 

Chris and I would like to extend a Peaceful, Cozy, Inspiring and Joyful Holiday season to you.  Thank you for being in our lives and for giving us the opportunity to do what we set out to do 3 years ago.  It has been a pleasure serving you with salt air & negative ions in a grounding and soothing environment.  We want you to have an overall sense of wellness, and to feel cared for.  Our cave is your cave!

Please take good of yourself.  I look forward to seeing you when the time is right for you!