Happy & Healthy 2021!

Our number one job this year?  Take care of ourselves, our loved ones and the people we meet.  So grateful for customers who share their lives with me.  When we talk about what our truths are, everyone benefits from our collective experiences.  Some of you have had COVID-19 including myself, my husband (in April during lockdown), my Mom and Niece.    Chris and I have the long hauler type where the symptoms just keep popping for months.  Salt Cave has helped us mentally and physically along with good diet, integrative medicine, walking, Qigong and being in Nature.   The importance of  mental and physical wellness and REALLY  taking the time to listen to your body,  is one of the great take-aways I learned in 2020. Let the BSC be part of your wellness routine, and if you ever want to talk about your experiences with health, I’m here!

Helping me keep the air purified in the reception room are  2 HEPA air filters, about 30 salt lamps and my sweet plant allies, Golden Pahtos native to French Polynesia.  They are known to remove indoor pollutants.  Good thing these plants like the salty air!   The Salt Cave has  UV-C sanitizing light and 45 minutes of air evacuation and fresh air exchange.  Hope to see you in 2021!