March Health and Wellness

                                                            NEW ADD-ON OPTIONS! 

These 2 Add-Ons can be Purchased online:

*1. Some of our customers are just not ready to leave the cave after 45 minutes!   We are now offering 15 minute add-on for a 60 minute session.   Allow your rest and relaxation to go deeper. Enjoy more time without interruption for only  $5 a person. 

*2.  Children are more than welcome with their families.  Great for kids with asthma, allergies, nasal or bronchial inflammation, stuffiness. Children respond to dry salt therapy quicker than adults do!   Add-on $5  baby-12 years, $12.50 13-15 years, $25 16 years and up per child.

These 2 Add-Ons must be called (812-339-2805) in to make an appointment:

*1. Foot Reflexology with Mary Lokers. We are offering Foot Reflexology Fridays, but do call, we can accommodate other days as well.  This is a 45 minute session.  Salt Cave is $25 per person, Foot Reflexology is $35 per person or for 2 people, $20 each, 22.5 minutes of reflexology. This combination is fantastic!

*2.  Back to Back Salt Cave session.  Get 90 minutes of uninterrupted Halotherapy for 2, 3 or  4 people.   

These 2 Add-Ons No Extra Cost!

*1. Birthday?  Anniversary? Let’s make it special!  I have a Birthday Banner I can put in the cave.  Any music can be played, chocolates or other snacks just let me know!

*2. Guided Meditation over the speakers in the cave.

So excited Spring is on the way! So are those pesky allergens.  Let the BSC help reduce inflammation, drain the sinuses, clean your respiratory system in our salt  air environment.    Health and Happiness to us all. I look forward to seeing you at the BSC.  Thank you for coming in a bringing a little sunshine with you!