February Resilient!

Resilient!  Such a great word, such a great practice.  Just look at this picture, a flower growing out from under and around rocks in a creek bed.  When I spotted this, I just had to take the picture to remind myself that everything is connected and strives to do its best.  Challenges lead us to growth. I strive to be resilient by cultivating  an inner voice of support, compassion, courage and do what I can to also cultivate my health.

That is why I love the Salt Cave.  For me, being in the salt air environment reaffirms what I have been working toward cultivating in my life.  My mind and body relaxes and I rest. 

The respiratory support also helps me breath easier, opens and clears airways and balances mucus levels.   Healthy lungs and breathing are very important for a Healthy Heart as well.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at the Bloomington Salt Cave!  We have some fun merchandise for Valentines Day, check out the SHOP tab on our website.

Heart Felt Gratitude to you, thanks for reading my newsletters!

Peace and Love