August Newsletter

This time of year really seems to speed up.  Add on so many challenges that we all face in both our social, environmental and personal lives. We are now requiring everyone to wear a Face Mask whether vaccinated or not at this time Except During your Salt Cave Session.

“Just Breathe” is not just a cliché.  The way you breathe affects your whole body. 

Leaning different breathing exercises are a good way to relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress.  Check out YouTube and pick an exercise that feels right to you.   They are so easy to learn and you can do them anywhere!

Come to the BSC and let us show you our favorite breathing exercises.  Especially effective while breathing in the light dry salt mist during your Salt Cave session.

The dry salt helps cleanse the lungs and  open airway passages, allowing deeper breaths and higher oxygen intake.

   8/20  SPA DAY?     YAY!!

August 20th   Mary Lokers will be here to work on your feet with Foot Reflexology, and Rochelle will be here with her MASSAGE TABLE to bring you Deep Relaxation, reduce tension,  get those muscles happy and healthy. Salt Cave will be here for your  respiratory health and negative ion rich environment.   

This is for 2 people one hour.  You get 30 minutes of Foot Reflexology then 30 minutes of Table Massage and 60 minutes of Halotherapy.  Your investment is $90 each person for the 3 health modalities. 

Please call to make your reservation.  *812-339-2805.  A Deposit  of $45 is required at time of booking. 

Mary and Rochelle will be wearing Face Masks during your hour session, you are not required to. 

Due to the rise in covid numbers, we are canceling Molly Adkins 8/21 Sound Healing Journey.  However, Molly is available for your private group!  She will wear a mask the whole 45 minutes, while you breathe in the salt infused air.  This offering is for up to 4 people in your POD.  The investment is $156 for up to 4 people in this special private group offering.

As always, we look forward to seeing you here at the the BSC.  Our collective Health and Happiness is our number one concern.  Thank You for your continued support during these challenging times.


Laura and Chris