September Newsletter

BSC is going on it’s 5th year!  I am so very grateful.  I have learned so much from my wonderful customers and health practitioners who have worked here over the years.  There is  a profound mutual respect for being a human in these challenging times.  The unexpected bonus for me has been coming into my own continued but never ending personal growth and happiness.  I’m now feeling comfortable with running a small business with its ups and downs BECAUSE  of the wonderful people that come through the door!  

I truly enjoy the work I do and strive to improve what I offer at the BSC.  Any and all suggestions and feedback are always welcome.  We also welcome practitioners who would like to do their health modality while customers are receiving Halotherapy  during their Salt Cave Session.    We are sadly saying goodbye to Mary Lokers foot reflexologist  who is moving.  She will be  missed here at the Salt Cave.  Mary is a one of a kind healer and all around wonderful human being and we thank her for all the foot reflexologies,  Spa Days with Rochelle doing massage, and great heartfelt wisdom.

As always, thank you for your support of the BSC.  We love to see your smiling eyes and chats through the face masks!  Hope to see you soon

Love and Respect, Laura