October Newsletter

Schedule a session and regale me your wisdom and experience on how being 60 is for you.

  I am grateful and happy to be this age, stepping into my power and grace.  Let me treat you who are 60 years old to a free 45 minute session to celebrate!

Give Laura a call to book at 812-339-2805.  Space is limited and only on 10/14/21

In other news, I am cooking up some new Events such as Acupuncture treatments with Roots of Healing and a very special Event with the multi-talented Amie Crites  of Speak 2 your soul.  Stay tuned to Facebook info on these.

As always we are here for your health and wellbeing. 

Get a leg up on seasonal changes that bring on Asthma, Allergies, Colds and Flu. 

Stress management is ever important.  We are here for your quieting of the mind, grounding of your energy and heart-centered coming back to  yourself.

We are still Covid Careful.  Masks need to be worn when you walk into our reception room.  Once you go into Salt Cave, please remove your mask to breathe that fabulous salt infused air.    Just Breathe!

Looking forward to seeing you!