Lovely Month of May

Happy Mothers Day! I get to meet so many wonderful Mothers of all ages at the Salt Cave, here's to YOU!

I am pleased to announce Our Offerings to take you into Deeper Healing.  While you are breathing the negatively ion charged salt infused air for respiratory health and hygiene, here are some other health modalities services lead by various practitioners that are available to you:  Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation, Oracle Deck Readings, Reiki Healing,  Foot Massage.  Some of these will be on our website where you can book your spot yourself at the specific date and time offered. This Month Janiece Jaffe is offering Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation 6/1 @ 5:30 $40 a person.  Proof of vaccination is required at this event.   If you have a date and time in mind, I will reach out and find the right one for your schedule.  Please call 812-339-2805 to book or ask any questions.