June News!

Wonderful news!   As many of you know, my Daughter is getting married first part of June.  We are so excited! BSC will be closed June 5th to June 14th and will reopen June 15.  I will be looking forward to re-opening June 15 and seeing all of our old and new friends and customers.

June 1st @ 5:30 Janiece Jaffe will be at the BSC for her Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation.  Lay on the Pink Himalayan Salt Floor and sink deep into the lovely frequencies to soothe and ground you. $40.   You can sign up by going on our website and booking online or call 812-339-2805.  Spots are limited.  Please have proof of vaccine for this event.   More events are coming to the BSC.  Please check out our FaceBook and Instagram posts for information!