Tis the season to make your Home OMmmm!

I just love the new merchandise we have in our “small but mighty” shop.  This Selenight Gemstone Blessing Bowl  is my new favorite. By picking it up and holding it, I can feel the high-vibrational properties as well as a shift of stagnant energy. The Meditation Pillows are finely crafted with beautiful embroidery and filled with organic buckwheat husks.  Lovely  flavored Finishing Salts for your Holiday foods, or the foodie in your life.  Bath Bombs and Room Purifying Sprays.  Crystal Salt Diffusers, just add a drop of your favorite essential oil.   More treasures await!  Please stop in and shop around or take a look before or after your salt cave session.

Also keep in mind the services we offer during your salt cave session:  MASSAGE with Dru in the zero gravity chair:  Head, ears & neck.  Shoulders, arms & hands. Calves and Feet.  Choose one or all three.  Designed for 2 people, half an hour each.

Carla Carey is offering: Sound Bath  for 3 to 6 people,  Guided Meditation and Oracle Card readings.  These are fabulous for groups of people! Think Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding party, workplace friends. 

These need to be booked in advance please.  Check your calendar and give me a date and time.  I will contact Carla or Dru and confirm back with you!

As always,  Thank You so much for coming to the BSC.  I deeply appreciate your support.  Nothing makes me happier than YOU enjoying the salt cave, makes my heart sing!