August news

That extra 15 minutes giving you a whole hour in the salt cave really feels good!  Come in with  set intentions to get the most out of your visit.  Time to try laying on  or playing in the salt floor.  I love to draw in the floor, making images or patterns is very grounding.  Maybe you need some extra sleep or deep rest.  Take the time to let go of a restless mind of “to do” lists and news broadcasts. Pick up a singing bowl and let the sound and vibration bathe over you, soothing your nervous system.  Do some Yoga or Qigong.  Breathe the salt infused air.  Enjoy the out of your routine experience.  

Here are some Add-Ons to consider during your salt cave session: They all need to be scheduled by calling 812-339-2805 to set date and time.

*Foot Massage with Dru Presti.   Dru charges $40 for 45 minutes and $55 for an hour. This is paid to Dru directly.  She takes VEMO, cash or check.   Salt cave is $25 for 45 minutes and $30 for 60 minutes. Can be for one or two people.

*Sound Bath  with Carla Carey for 2 to 6 people. Featuring Crystal Singing Bowls, Wind Gong, Koshi Chimes, Ocean Drum, Rattles and more. Cost is $40 a person including salt cave.  This is a great event for your private group, Birthday, Wedding Party, any occasion!

*Oracle Card reading, a Jungian Approach to the Tarot  with Carla Carey.  Carla uses multiple Oracle card decks for your reading.  Please pay Carla directly $30 for 15 minutes, $60 for 30 minutes. She takes VEMO & cash

*Guided Meditation with intuitive guide Carla Carey. She will take you on a soul journey to meet your magical child and enliven playfulness back into your life.  $30 45 minutes paid directly to Carla,  VEMO  & Cash $25 for Salt Cave. 

Selenite Palm Stone

WE also have some new Worry Stones for your pocket. Pictured is a Selenite Palm Stone Etched with Luna Moth and Moon phase. Clears and neutralizes any excess energies that you may be harboring $22

Mandala Etched Lepidolite Worry Stone.  Has smooth feel concave on one side, convex on other side.  Activate your crown chakra, soothe the chatter of an anxious mind and allows divine guidance to flow through.  $16

Mandala Etched Obsidian Worry Stone.  Smooth feel concave on one side, convex on other side. Extremely protective.  Assists in Shadow work and deep healing.  Love the smooth feel and weight in my pocket.  Soothe an over active mind.  So much better than a fidget!  $16