Origin Story

I have shared with many of you how we came to build a Salt Cave in Bloomington.  Story goes:  a year had gone by after my Father’s passing, I had an epiphany to grab our daughter and go the Ashville salt cave and think about my dad as a celebration of life. He loved alternative health & wellness.  I knew he would get a kick out of us thinking of him in a salt cave.  I didn’t know anything about what the experience would be or the benefits.   All 3 of us just felt so good after our experience.  It was like a big universal hug and a knowing that everything is going to be ok.  This was accompanying no snoring and a great night sleep.  I needed to experience this again and googled “salt cave near me”.  We drove to Louisville just for that 45 minute session, and loved it again.  On the way home I turned to Chris and asked if he can build me a salt cave.  It took only two 45 minute sessions of Halotherapy for me to want to make a huge investment and build one for the Bloomington community and beyond.   

Our loved ones and acquaintances asked why we bought 4 tons of  pink Himalayan salt!  Chris did a beautiful job. 

Thanks to all who have come and for those who bring others, one timers, to those thinking of coming  and to the wonderful return customers.   I have learned so much, You have made my life richer and I am so grateful to do what I love.