Keeping it Small and Intimate

From sitting in chairs to being called to the pink Himalayan heated salt floor, do the intuitive thing that  your mind and body are telling you at the BSC!  We invite you to feel the feels, play, rest, sleep, listen.  We are still providing a small intimate experience and following some good public health  procedures:

*45 minutes between sessions for air evacuation and UV sanitizing. 

*WE are still only booking 2-6 people that know each other instead of pre-pandemic booking up to 6 per session with people you may not know. So if someone from your group is snoring, well, you know!  This also gives you a chance to stretch out, play, catch up without disturbing others. 

*One person booking has the possibilities of 2 others joining you, seating you 8 feet away from each other.

Why?  Because there are still viruses out there and we are going into the flu/cold season.  But what we really found out is that we love providing this small intimate experience for you and your crew.  Bonus for us, we have to time to get to enjoy our customers! (We have the best).

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your Loved  Ones!

Warmest Regards,

Laura and Chris