Ocean VS Salt Cave!

 Both offer Salty Air plus Negative Ions and are Deeply Relaxing.

  I always wondered why there were so many Halotherapy centers offering salt air inhalation in areas that were located right by the ocean.  I did a quick Google search and counted 20 on the coast of Florida. 

 Part of our training about Halotherapy is that one 45 minute session is equivalent to 4 days by the ocean breathing the salt infused air

The big difference is that salty Ocean air carried on the wind is already saturated with moisture. 

Halotherapy uses dry salt which is super absorbent and is able to bring moisture to the surface to sinuses and lungs, breaking up mucus, pollution and allergens.  This opens airways passages and allows drainage to occur.

  Chris and I haven’t been to the ocean since we opened the BSC in 2017.  Our trip to California and being by the ocean showed us that one Halotherapy session is for sure a wonderful concentrated dose of airborne salt that helps manage our allergies. 

What is going on at the BSC for the summer?  The cave is cool in the summer.  The pink salt on the floor is grounding and cool to the touch. The lights are a tranquil pink glow, wonderful to get out of the bright hot sun.

JULY EVENT:   Crystal Singing Bowls with Susan Browning July 9 at 1pm.  $40 per person and can be booked online on our website, or give me a call 812-339-2805.

  ON GOING ADD ONS: (more info on our website)

*  Massage with Dru AND/OR  Foot Reflexology with Mary during your halotherapy session in the cave.  Can be done with one or two people. For two people the session can be split in a one hour session so 1/2 hour each person.  Or you can book one hour for each person.  One person can be getting a massage while the other person foot reflexology.   Two people at the same time.  

*You can book a Tarot Reading 

* Wine, cheese, crackers and fruit as a $5 add on per person.  Just let us know in advance. 

*Don’t forget about your kiddos!  They can play while you rest.  Add them on to your session and have some family time.