"Being able to withstand and recover from difficult conditions is an example of resilience."

Oh Turtles!  I love seeing them on our road. Observing natures resilience is a gift.  I am also grateful to meet the most resilient people that come to the BSC and share their challenges in life be it mental, physical or both.  Sharing our difficulties with each other lets us know we are not alone, informs us on how to  overcome, and gives us the information and inspiration to share with others that are going through it too.

People ask me “do I go in the cave?” Oh yes I do and very often!  Besides clearing out my sinuses and lungs,  Halotherapy helps me feel grounded.   I lay on the pink salt floor and feel the cool in the summer, warmth in the winter.  Surrounding myself in the  negative ions and salt infused air and pink salt floor all give me the opportunity to check in with myself and remind myself that its going to be ok.   

  Healing Community Events:

Crystal Singing Bowls in the cave with Susan Browning dates and times: 

August 13,  September 10 and October 8 all at 4pm. 

You can book online on the website or call 812-339-2805 to reserve your spot!

Ongoing offerings: Must be booked by calling 812-339-2805 for scheduling!

Massage with Dru Presti, certified Masseuse.  Dru offers head and neck, shoulders to hands and knee to foot massages while your seated in the zero gravity chair during your salt cave session.

Foot Reflexology with certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers in the zero gravity chair during your salt cave session. 

Massage PLUS Foot Reflexology for 2 people at the same time!  Mary and Dru team up and offer their deep healing.

Oracle Card Reading with Allison or Sami from Pellucidity in Life.