Scenes from 2023

We love our customers and practitioners at the Bloomington Salt Cave!  Thanks for making our year so wonderful.  Here are some pics from last year.  Hope to see you soon.

What is going on at the BSC?  Check out these Events and Add-ons:

Tea and Tarot with Allison, Samantha & Laura   January 25 4:30-6:30.  Walk ins are welcome or Book your spot by going to this link:  $45 per person.

Gong Bath Sound Healing with Kundalini Breathwork with Mervyn Alphonse February 3 @5:30. Includes Halotherapy.  Book online or call 812-339-2805. $45 per person. 

Tea or Coco and Cookies before or after your halotherapy session served in our reception room.  Can be booked online as an add on when you book your salt cave session on our website. $6 per person.

Wine and Cheese before or after your Halotherapy session served in our reception room.  Can be booked as add on when you book your salt cave session on our website or call. $6 per person.

These services include Halotherapy during your massage or foot reflexology in the salt cave with a professional practitioners are  available by appointment only and need to be arranged by calling 812-339-2805. 

We offer:   *Foot Reflexology with Mary Lokers    *Massage with Dru Presti

Special note: You can book Dru (massage) and Mary (foot reflexology) at the same time for side by side services for 45 minutes or an hour!  Check our website for details.

*Pop Up Tent 10 minute Halotherapy session is for  workplace wellness for your staff members in a break room or we will bring tent to your home.  This is a highly effective condensed super fine salt aerosol mist dispersed in the enclosed tent.  We need 4 X 4 floor space and an outlet to plug into.  This unique respiratory therapy is excellent for opening the airway passages, ridding them of bacteria and allergens, boosting the immune system.

 Call 812-339-2805 or email to make arrangements or answer  any questions.

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