New Event & Valentine’s Add-on

Just added:  Rest and Reconnect with the Light Within workshop.  January 28 at 4pm.  You can book online or call us to reserve your spot. $60 per person. 

  At this time of year, we often want to create new goals, but, the energy of winter is about resting, going inward, and finding the light of our soul.  

In this sacred intentional workshop, come experience the rest and deep nourishment with in you.  

Through an energetic process, we will release trapped emotions so that we can ground more deeply into this sacred moment.

Then, we’ll journey into a guided meditation to rekindle a connection with the Light within us as we honor ourselves and everyone in the circle.  This lights the way for our intentions.

There will be time for sharing and connection.  

Come join us!

Heather Schwartz is an intuitive guide, certified hypnosis practitioner, and holy fire reiki master.  She loves creating experiences which help people to love  and trust themselves more deeply, enjoy life, and be their most authentic selves.

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