July’s a good month to let your mind wander.

After a stressful and busy first half of the year, relaxing during the summer is essential to revive yourself and feel good.  Visiting the Bloomington Salt Cave can help!  One 45 minute Halotherapy session provides the healthful benefits of 4 days by the seaside and then some.   The way being by the seaside and being in the Salt Cave is similar is  the Negative Ions  and the SALT you breathe in.  The difference is that the salt by the ocean is already saturated with water, therefore, not as effective at drawing out toxins and allergens, or reducing inflammation.  Super dry Salt Air is Hygroscopic,  absorbing  toxins and inflammation,  therefore opening up airway passages so you can get a good Clean Breath.  It is naturally anti-bacterial, antimicrobial. Negative Ions increase our serotonin levels, giving a overall sense of well being.   Safe and effective for people of all ages!

The July Events are listed here…. more might be added!  ALL INCLUDE HALOTHERAPY

July 2  GONG BATH!  with Mervyn Alphonse  6-7pm   $35

July 11  GUIDED MEDIATION and  ACUPUNCTURE with Annie Buechlein and Leah Craig  6-7:30pm  $45

July 25  RESTROATIVE YOGA, REIKI AND ESSENTIAL OIL with Annie Buechlein    6-6:45pm    $35

July 26  SAILING THE INNER SEAS:  A GUIDED MEDITATION with Lois H. Silverman  6:15-7:15pm  $35

Set sail for a special journey to your own Inner Seas in a new guided meditation with Lois!  Enjoy a refreshing Halotherapy session as we dive to meet our Sea Guides and unlock buried treasure!  Please bring a journal or pad and pencil.  No previous meditation experience required!


July 28  READINGS with Emily Sullivan Intuitive Medium  6-7pm  $TBA

July 31  MEDITATIVE MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE  with Lois H. Silverman  6:15-7:15 pm  $35


$55 for 30 minutes per person